Robin Collins
Robin Collins is a San Francisco native who grew up in Fairfax because her parents had the good sense to move to Marin County in the 1950's. .
A member of the M.C.D.S. first graduating class, Robin also attended Dominican Upper School, Westlake School for Girls in Los Angeles and UCLA where she graduated with a degree in English. From ages 4-18, Robin was one of the lead ballet dancers in Marin's iconic Ballet Aquacade produced by Gladys Kenny Hodgson, and she also skated in many shows at Raydine's, Ray & Nadine Schramm's Ice Rink which was located  in San Anselmo.   She's lived in Mexico City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and is now back in Marin. For many years she ran a prestigious high end catering and event planning firm and she's also been a chef and restaurant owner. A former Restaurant Critic and Food Editor for SF Magazine, Robin also has a great deal of business experience in fashion design, advertising, public relations, interior design, home staging, the travel industry, and the luxury market. A highly visible member of the community, Robin has taught many classes and has also appeared on radio and television. Following in the footsteps of her parents, Robin is a passionate contributor to many charity and arts organizations in the Bay Area and sits on several Boards. Though she regularly makes San Francisco's Best Dressed Lists, in Marin County Robin can often be seen wearing shorts and hiking boots.
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