Alyson Geller, MPH
Alyson grew up in Los Angeles and left for the East Coast as soon as possible, eager to trade swaying palm trees, swimming pools and up-to-the-minute fashion trends for four real seasons and a pair of LL Bean boots. She graduated from Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut with a BA in English literature and poetry writing, and moved to New York where she landed an illegal sublet and a dream job working as an editor's assistant at Harper & Row Book Publishers. This was followed by a stint at US Weekly, where she wrote 'Where are They Now?' and Health & Beauty columns and remembered again why she'd departed from LA. 
Eventually, she and her roommate were kicked out of their apartment. Much to her chagrin, she returned to the land of eternal 75-degree days, where she stayed just long enough to get a tan, learn a few things about the film industry and receive an MPH from UCLA.  After graduation, she found work reading scripts for various production companies, then snapped out of it and moved up to the Bay Area. More than a few years later, Alyson continues to write about health and advocate for public health issues such as pedestrian safety and distracted driving legislation.  Some of you may know her as a member of the local advocacy group, Give Drake a Brake (or perhaps as that annoying mom who yells at you to slow down as you careen past).  She has written a number of personal essays about motherhood, excessive school volunteerism and candy hoarding, as well as a yet unpublished children's book about two renegade dairy goats.  Alyson lives in Marin County with her husband Steven and son Rudy, and credits marriage and motherhood for providing no end of source material, delight and inspiration.
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