Allison Doyle
Allison Doyle is originally from San Francisco but has lived in the Forbes neighborhood of San Rafael since the age of eight. She attended high school in San Francisco (go wildcats!) and spent four amazing years studying journalism and communication at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has lived and worked in Toulouse, France and speaks fluent French.
Allison has worked in the fields of print journalism and education and she is passionate about language, writing and social media. Allison has also been a strong presence on 4th Street working as a dedicated and cheerful ice cream scooper at Cold Stone Creamery and then an over-worked and over-caffeinated barista at Starbucks before leaving the corporate world to support her current interests: local business and sustainable farming. When Allison is not writing one of her many blogs, she is out walking, trying a new restaurant, practicing yoga or sipping a foamy latte and reading a book. 
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