Baseball Opponents File Appeal in San Francisco Court

The Albert Park Neighborhood Alliance hopes to reverse the Feb. 28 ruling in support of the San Rafael Pacifics.

Opponents of the minor league baseball team playing in have not given up, despite a court ruling in favor of the team.

The Albert Park Neighborhood Alliance filed an appeal in a San Francisco court yesterday seeking to reverse Marin Superior Court Judge M. Lynn Duryee’s Feb. 28 ruling in favor of the North American League team, known as the San Rafael Pacifics.

The APNA said in statement that the Pacifics violate the park’s deed restrictions that bar commercial use of the property for periods exceeding one week in duration, and that local teams and nonprofits seeking to use the park facilities will be overlooked.

“Free use of the park, assured by the Albert Park grant deed, will be a thing of the past,” the statement said.

In February, Duryee tentatively ruled that additional environmental studies weren’t needed for the team to play at Albert Field. The appeal focuses on the deed and not the environmental studies, according to the APNA.

The team’s owner Centerfield Partners, LLC., but s

, and, in addition to signing several players and holding tryouts, . The team will play 42 home games between June 4 and Aug. 26.

"We're very disappointed that this small group of unreasonable people are continuing their efforts to prevent us from bringing a lot of joy and positive benefits to the community,"said Mike Shapiro, general manager and president of the team. 

Despite the litigation, Shaprio says the appeal wont's impact the season and that they're determined to move forward.

Some accuse APNA of maintaining their litigation to prevent professional baseball on the field, but the group says that the “lawsuit has nothing to do with baseball and everything to do with preserving Albert Park as a public recreational facility.”

Ken Conroy April 04, 2012 at 01:47 AM
This lawsuit was ill-advised from the get go. I find it incredible that they are pursuing the matter further given the ridiculous nature. Shapiro is right. These people have been totally unreasonable from the start. The ballclub has given them every courtesy and accomodation thinkable and the opponents continue to be unreasonable. The suit was heard by a judge well-respected in the county and the deicision was thorough and decisive. My guess is this appeal is the attorney grasping at straws trying to save face. What a waste of money. Minor league baseball is going to prove to be a wonderful asset for this community. It is a shame that a small number of people have their head buried in the sand.
Love Larkspur April 04, 2012 at 04:42 AM
Heartbreaking! Baseball coming to San Rafael could add so much to the family atmosphere of our city. I am looking forward to the beginning of the games if only so it can be proven to be a good thing for the city. So many families and good people I know can't wait for the first pitch. Imagine- baseball without having to pay a bridge toll! Hang in there Pacifics- we will be there to cheer you on!
Daniel T Box April 06, 2012 at 03:23 PM
I would doubt that there are many supporters that live within the sound and parking limits that are associated with this "DEAL". If it is to have any financial effect on the City it will be at the expense of home owners in the area. I like baseball too and perfer going to the field to watch it. This will with out a doubt have the effects of a larger underbelly showing in and around the park and neighborhoods. Why does anyone believe it will be any different. The police have a hard time keeping up with the local Gangs--- just wait until this gives them a place to gather their deeds. Perhaps someplace like College of Marin. See what sort of flack comes from that neighborhood. Take out some Soccer fields up at Maginnis. St Vinsents maybe has the space up around their Church. Perhaps they would be willing to put this stain near their Grounds. Then maybe they could move their Kitchen up there as well. Being the good catholics they are there shouldn't be any question as to the benefit they would be to the community.


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