Company Seeks to Bring Pro Baseball to Albert Field

Centerfield Partners, LLC. -- a company that owns and operate independent minor league baseball teams -- hopes to revamp Albert Field.

When the 2012 baseball season begins, Marinites might be flocking to San Rafael’s Albert Field to watch minor league baseball games.

At least that what C.E.O. of Centerfield Partners, LLC. Brian Clark hopes.

In a meeting with members of the Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods Wednesday night, Clark and two business associates presented a proposal to bring a professional baseball team to San Rafael. Their plan, which includes revamping to accommodate a new team, seeks to provide the community with low-cost entertainment while adding to the economic vitality of the city, according to Clark.

“We really want this to be about community,” he said. “We know the potential impact events like this can have on a community.”

If the proposal is approved by the city, it would add between 26 to 40 full-time and seasonal jobs, and host 45 home games from late May to early September starting next year. Games would begin after 6:30 p.m. so they would not interfere with other activities in the park, and the company intends to hire local residents.

Centerfield Partners would also maintain and make improvements to Albert Field, including refurbishing locker rooms, cleaning the grandstand facade, adding 700 seats to the stadium, adding bathrooms and making room for local food vendors at games.

“So many people have great memories of Albert Field, like remembering when they scraped their hip on second base,” Clark said. With these new improvements, Clark hopes to make Albert Field a well-known sports destination that draws people from all over Marin County and the Bay Area to San Rafael.

With home games attracting larger crowds to downtown, neighbors from Gerstle Park are worried about traffic congestion and parking in the area.

Clark estimates the games would bring in a maximum of 400 additional cars. Centerfield Partners have made arrangements to use the San Rafael Corporate Center parking lots across from Albert Field, which have 700 available spaces. The company also plans to charge around $5 for parking to offset the cost of traffic attendants and signs that would direct cars from the freeway to the parking structure.

“It’s important to keep parking costs as low as possible,” said Steve Patterson, chair of the Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods and a Gerstle Park resident. “Otherwise they’re going to push tons of cars out in to the neighborhoods [to avoid paying].”

Clark said they would keep the parking issues in mind in further planning, but that running Albert Field “is a business, and [they] don’t want to come here and then fail the community” because they can’t cover expenses.

Sharlene Moss, a representative from the West End neighborhood, remembers having fun at Albert Field when she watched the Seals play baseball. A new San Rafael team would be a wonderful addition to the community, she said.

Centerfield Partners will present the proposal to the city on April 28. Clark and his associates plan to continue dialogue with community members to get feedback on the project as it goes forward.

One of the first things he will ask locals is what they should name the new team.

mike April 24, 2011 at 08:26 AM
Great idea however once Susan Adams and Al Boro catch wind of this they are going to want to know what you are going to do for the homeless, drug addicts, and illegals? They will derail your plans one way or another. As EVERYONE knows, Susan Adams and Al Boro are activist leaders pushing their own agenda and not the will of the people. They will say they are on board but behind the scenes they will make your life misereable to the point that you wish you never came up with this idea. My advice, don't trust the two of them in the slightest and get a grass roots campaign to take them on. You have to make it clear from the get go that you will take them on. If not, if you buddy up to them they will know that they own you. At that point they will make you give up so many things that it will ruin any chance of you making money let alone breaking even. If possible, try to get a Giants player or even the Giants organization to somehow support you. That alone might be enough to have these two marxist socialists backdown. Best of Luck! name for Team: Boro's Burro or Adam's Marxists...
Nick April 26, 2011 at 02:23 AM
Could not agree more with above statement! Watch out for Boro and especially Adams, she's very sneaky. Her liberal agenda is brutal even for us moderates. Hey San Rafael don't screw this up there is no reason to go downtown except to go to Church. The store fronts are a joke and this would be a welcomed reason to come downtown. That reason is America's pastime good old baseball and that's as American as apple pie, hot dogs and baseball. San Rafael is still part of America right? Let's hope this resonates because the Mission City has become a second rate town. A Baseball team could infuse some much needed city civic pride and we can all rally to stop people like Al ( I break the law) Boro, Susan "the Agenda" Adams and the rest of naysayers. Team names could be the Mission City Maulers, San Rafael illegal Banditos (the theme song could be Phil Collins hit "Illegal Alien", San Rafael- Stromtroopers (this way George Lucas could finance the new field improvements to Albert Park, now called Lucas-Obi Wan Kanobe Stadium. Other names include The San Rafael Massage ( $40.per hour), The Marin Mighty Peacocks or how about a legitimate name like the San Rafael Padres. After all San Rafael is named after a Saint. However the atheist would bitch at the name, sad lonely people aren't they. Time to Play Ball in San Rafael...Hey City leaders Don't Screw the People or I promise will vote your asses out of office. Go San Rafael Padres. Boro and Adams were watching you!
Suzie Watson April 26, 2011 at 05:47 AM
Susan Adams and Al Boro will definitely screw this up. Simply put, they HATE America, hate everything about it. They are Marxists in sheep clothing. Spread the wealth, death to anyone that works hard and makes money, Capitalism is evil, tax em to the hilt, big government, spend spend spend, SMART Train, illegals we will take care of you, God is the devil, and it goes on an on folks. It is scary to think how much they hate America and all her glory yet they are voted into be leaders???? How does this insanity happen??? Phsychologists say Liberalism is a mental disorder. The evidence with this duo would suggest the docs are spot on correct. Team names- San Rafael Marxists. Opening day could be free money, food and tickets, no people whom work, are smart, and love America are allowed in, illegals and drug addicts get front row seats. Everyone see that Marin police officer (not a captain, chief, or anything with any real responsibility) whom makes $330k a year. Yep, that is the liberals destroying America. He wasn't the only one either, there were hundreds making high $100k and $200k. Go check it out online, San Jose Mercury. Grab a bag because you will sick beyond belief.
Mickey Hyatt April 26, 2011 at 07:52 PM
Susan Adams and Al Boro will undoubtedly require Transgenders, Lesbians, and Gays to play on the team otherwise no team San Rafael. Also, all signs on the bathroom doors will have to be changed to say Transgenders allowed otherwise new bathrooms for Transgenders will have to be built at tax payer cost. These two so called leaders really know how to change life as we know it and get us to pay for it in the process while confusing the hell out of our children. Stop the madness!
Tom Jaspering September 14, 2011 at 09:56 PM
Wow! This is turning out to be so true. Amazing!!!


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