San Rafael Teachers Lag Behind State Average in Salaries

A new online tool shows the average teacher salary in most California school districts and the news isn't good for local educators.

Debating if public school teachers are over- or under-paid is a hot topic whenever cuts to education funding loom or student test scores are released.

A new online comparison tool lets the public compare average teacher salaries by school district, revealing that San Rafael teacher salaries lag behind the average teacher pay in California. The San Rafael Elementary School District's average salary for teachers is $62,608, nearly $6,000 below the state average.

Statewide, the average teacher salary declined slightly during the 2011-12 academic year to $68,531, the Bakersfield Californian reported.

Overall, Marin County educators are on-par with the state average.

But the California Teachers Association doesn't put much stock in the comparison tool. Teacher salary scales are configured with formulas that take into account years of experience and education level, but many young and early-career teachers have been laid off due to budget cuts in recent years.

Teacher Salaries 2011-12
School District Average Pay Student Enrollment Dixie (San Rafael) Elementary SD
1,793 Kentfield Elementary $76,351 1,177 Larkspur-Corte Madera $75,909 1,363 Mill Valley Elementary SD
Novato USD
$62,904 7,999 Reed Union Elementary SD (Tiburon) $79,999 1,401 Ross Elementary SD $75,230 346 Ross Valley Elementary SD $62,744 2,210 San Rafael City Elementary SD $62,608 2,000 Sausalito Marin City SD $70,975 396 Tamalpais Union High School District $87,497 3,839 Source: Ed-Data

California public school teachers make 16.1 percent less than other college graduates, according to the California Teachers Association. The disparity increases for those with master's degrees.

How much do you think San Rafael teachers should be paid? Tell us in the comment section below.

Formula410 February 15, 2013 at 10:57 PM
Be clear, the San Rafael City pay # on that chart is for a teacher with 9 years exp. and with a BA degree PLUS 60 additional college units on top of the degree! I know a SRCS teacher very well, this person is at work at 7am to 5pm due to staff meetings, grade level meetings, parent meetings and committee's, planning, training, etc (the 8am to 3PM school day is a myth). They go home and put in a few more hours correcting papers, and prepping for the next day. Summers off? (get out mid June, go back mid/late August?) If you want to keep advancing on the pay scale, you need to take college classes to earn those units, then prep and plan for a new year, etc. These folks can't even afford to rent in the community they teach in, let alone buy a house. Many live in Vallejo & Sonoma County and lower income areas outside Marin (commute $). Talk about earning your money: you have classes with kids with emotional problems, learning disabilities, social issues, broken homes, cultural and language barriers, apathetic parents who don't care about what or how their kid is doing in school OR behaves in class...all this leaks effects the class and the teacher has to deal with it AND find a way to still teach a rigid mandated material AND get ALL kids to perform at an acceptable level. Then reduce the salary for income tax, AND $4k to $6k this person spends out of pocket on class materials, books, etc every year. All for $60k and a crappy retirement. They DO NOT make enough $!!!!!


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