Glenwood Elementary API Lowest in Six Years

Glenwood Elementary School's 2011 API is 901, 24 points down from the previous year.

staff are looking at how to better address the needs of low-income and English-learning students after their 2011 Annual Performance Index dropped by 24 points from the previous year.

Glenwood’s 2011 API score, a measure of academic performance based on standardized test scores, went from 925 in 2010 to 901–its lowest score in the past six years.

“Once you get over that 900 mark, it becomes difficult to make significant gains,” Glenwood Principal Bob Marcucci said. “But we are still taking this very seriously.”

Marcucci, who’s been principal at Glenwood for three years, believes that the drop is due in part to the school’s need to identify kids who might be in need extra attention or support, especially English-learners and low-income students.

Although Glenwood’s white student population has hovered around the 72 percent since 2005, the school has seen an increase in Hispanic students, according to the California Department of Education.

From 2005 to 2011, English-learning students included in the API have gone from 27 to 39, a 44 percent increase. Low-income students have increased 23 percent.

English-learners and low-income students were among the lowest performers in the 2011 API and showed some of the largest decreases from the previous year. English-learners individual API score dropped 56 points and low-income student dropped 25 points.

“We’re in a tweaking stage, where we are trying to introduce new programs and eliminate older programs that might not be working,” Marcucci said.

One new program includes an intervention model, where a team of people will help identify students in need of more support or attention and help them with class schedules that would most benefit them.

Glenwood also added a new credentialed staff member who will be working individually with teachers and students.

Despite the drop, Glenwood has the second highest API score in the . is now on top with an API of 917.

"Our high API score is a reflection of our strong staff and our strong community," Marcucci said. "Now we just have to dig a little deeper."


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