What Would it Take for You Dump the Pump?

Why, or why not, would you use alternative transportation on national Dump the Pump day?

A national organization is asking drivers to "dump the pump" Thursday and use whatever public transportation is available.

But are you interested in participating?

More than 100 transit systems across the U.S. are joining the American Public Transportation Association's sixth annual Dump the Pump Day.

Bay Area website 511.org lets users enter their starting point and ending destination to receive a mapped-out guide to their bus or ferry trip. The site also offers rideshare-matching services.

Another resource, The Commute Solution, offers a "True Cost of Driving Survey," where drivers can enter the number of miles they drive each day and calculate their annual driving costs and the impact their commute has on the environment. 

The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District had been supporting “Dump the Pump” every year up until now. This year, with the Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary celebration and other events in June and July, the district didn’t have much time to focus on “Dump the Pump.”

“With all the activity coming off the 75th anniversary we didn’t get any promotional materials out,” said district spokesperson Mary Currie. “We dropped the ball this year but we’ll be back and involved in it again next year. There’s only so much we can do with the limited staff we have.

She said “Dump the Pump” typically brings awareness to the efficiencies and conveniences available in public transit. “It gives people a great opportunity to try transit and see what works for them. It’s efficient, cost effective and can get you where you need to go for less than a gallon of gas.”

If you drive to work, would you be willing to “dump the pump” and try alternative transportation? Or is more transportation needed, such as a ? 

David Edmondson June 21, 2012 at 04:30 AM
Don't forget that all routes operated by Golden Gate Transit are now on Google Maps! Dump the pump and give transit a go.


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