McInnis Lease to Come Before Supes and More

The following provides a list of selected highlights from the Board agenda, and is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the entire agenda.

1.  Board to Proclaim April as Volunteer Recognition Month

At the request of Supervisor Kinsey, the Board will consider a resolution proclaiming April 2012, as "Marin County Volunteer Recognition Month” and the week of April 15 to 21 as “National Volunteer Recognition Week."   The resolution is designed to honor the important work that is provided to the Marin community by volunteers.

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Contact:  Clerk of the Board staff at bos@marincounty.org

2.  McInnis Park Golf Center Agreement to be Considered

The Board will consider an agreement with the Tayman Golf Group, Inc. for the lease and operation of the .  In return for use of the facility, the County will be paid annual rent based upon a percentage of gross revenues at the facility, with a minimum annual rent of $350,000.  The Tayman Park Golf Group is owned by golf professionals Jimmy Stewart and Frank Johnson. 

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Contact: Kallie Bechler-Lafleche, Parks Department at kbechler-lafleche@marincounty.org

3.  Board to Appoint Health Council and Mental Health Board Members and Commissioners

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Contact:  Clerk of the Board staff at bos@marincounty.org

4.  Final Action to be Taken on Organic Certification Process Amendments

The Board is scheduled to complete its second reading of an ordinance that regulates how organic products are certified in Marin County.  Key changes include making direct references to the National Organic Program regulations and allowing fees to be amended by resolution of the Board of Supervisors.  By directly referencing the federal program, interested parties will have access to the most current and accurate information regarding the National Organic Program requirements.

Need more info? See the full report

Contact: Stefan Parnay, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner at sparnay@marincounty.org

5.  Sheriff’s Re-Entry Team to be Recognized

The Sheriff’s Re-Entry Team, led by Sergeant Jim Hickey and Deputy Sheriff Corey Monge, will be presented with the “Outstanding Team of the Quarter” award in recognition of their work for the Marin community.  The re-entry team assists individuals as they transition back into the community once released from jail and ensures they receive the needed resources to make their transition a success.  To date, the Re-Entry Team has assisted over 200 inmates with their return to the community, with outstanding results.

Need more info? 

Contact: Stacy Bakke, Marin County Sheriff’s Office at sbakke@marincounty.org

Reviews – Wrap Up of the last Board meeting

No Board meeting held April 10


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