Live Blog: Commission Delays Soccer Complex Decision

Check our live blog for a play-by-play.

The San Rafael Planning Commission will be discussing the merits of a proposed soccer facility at the .

If you have any questions, submit them above or in the comments section below.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

Rick Fraites May 30, 2012 at 04:15 PM
Get ready for various developers who will now attempt to equate the Grady Ranch experience to their own questionable development proposal when appearing before a governing body. Of course it is apples and oranges, but it's already begun with the proposed soccer complex near an existing runway and wetlands.
chris May 31, 2012 at 07:15 AM
This meeting certainly identified a need for soccer fields for the kids and adults in in Marin, so they don't get diabetes and don't get in trouble, and can have good competitive fun and exercise. The proposed location is completely inappropriate for a huge sports complex. It's in the middle of sensitive endangered tidal wetlands, the habitat of an endangered species marsh chicken that Gallinas Creek is named for. It is adjacent to an airport runway, and would be visible and loud in a neighborhood that has been quiet since the 1950's. Need a different location. How about Grady Ranch?! Marin Community Foundation could consider this as part of their project.
Tom A. June 02, 2012 at 01:29 AM
This is nothing like Grady Ranch. Grady Ranch was a low environmental impact project with almost no down side. This soccer complex is an extremely high impact facility that is going to make life miserable for all the residents of Santa Venetia every night for the rest of our lives, or the rest of our lives in SV at least. The noise from the screaming kids, drunk screaming adults and endless whistles until 10:00 every night is going to be unbearable. And given the long ride this has been for the owner and developer, the last thing they are going to be interested in being is a good neighbor. Stand by . . . this is not going to be pretty. I found two things remarkable from the nearly 5 hour hearing: 1) After all that was said by the Public, the only questions asked by the members of the commission were about the architecture and operations of the proposed facility. Oh, the chairwoman did ask if the City had considered the cost of following up on the 143 required mitigations. 2) The President of the COUNTY BOS, after signing a letter of concern from the County, had the audacity to come into the meeting and tell the commission that the Board was not against the project, they just asked that the voices of his constituents be heard. What kind of double talk is that!? Then, as he turned to leave, he smiled and nodded to the Developer, who returned his acknowledgement with a smile. That's the guy who purports to represent us. We're hosed if this gets built!


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