Obama Arrives at Fairfield Airport to Tour Paterson

Five helicopters signal president's arrival as crowd lines Passaic Avenue.

President Barack Obama, wearing a blue buttoned-down shirt, waved to a crowd along Passaic Avenue in Fairfield Sunday from the back of his black motorcade car as he sped toward Paterson to tour the flood-ravaged city.

Obama could be seen briefly in his motorcade after arriving at Essex County's airport in Fairfield in one of five military helicopters that landed between 12:25 and 12:45 p.m.

Police presence was heavy all along Passaic Avenue, while sharpshooters could be seen on top of the buildings at the airport. A line of buses were parked in front of the landing area so the view of his disembarking was blocked from the crowds.

Crowds of local residents lined parking lots and grassy lawns of businesses along Passaic Avenue to get a glimpse of the president who was accompanied by Gov. Chris Christie, and U.S. Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez.

"It's a once in a lifetime event for these guys," said Jonathan Pryor of Essex Fells, who brought his wife and some of his children to glimpse the president.

"I'm surprised he's coming to a small town such as Caldwell, New Jersey, it's exciting," said 12-year-old Skylar Thiemann, who watched the airport from across the street.

Among the oldest spectators was Marvin Meyer, who, at the age of 95, said he once saw Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the back of a train in Montana. Though his vision isn't the same, he said, he was still excited to see Obama from his perch on a lawn chair across the street.

The president was in the state to tour Paterson, a city hard hit by Hurricane Irene. Residents were evacuated from their flooded homes by National Guard troops and sent to area shelters. John DiViovanni works at St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson and said the city was hit, "pretty bad." He said, "A lot of people were put out of their homes and getting in and out was terrible."

Many of the crowd watching the president were from Fairfield, another city ravaged by the flood. "People were using jet skis to get around town and boats were parked in the street. It was extreme," said Denise Paz, who evacuated from Fairfield until the water receeded.

Lauren Scholtz lives in Fairfield but said she didn't have to evacuate. She brought her four-month-old and 18-month old sons to see the president land, "It's very said to see how many things people have lost." She said residents needed help so the flood doesn't keep reoccurring. "They need to help stop the flooding and change something so they don't have to keep rebuilding and doing their homes over and over again."

Sam Taylor, 22 and his girlfriend, Jade Fisher, 21, were on vacation from Bristol, England when they heard about Obama's arrival in Fairfield. "It's crazy, it's like in a film," Taylor said, adding he'd love to shake the president's hand if he had the chance.

Vivian Garcia of West Caldwell brought her two children, six-year-old Izabella and four-year-old Gregory. They were excited to see Obama, but also had some things they wanted to talk to him about. Izabella Garcia said she was ready with her question, "Why are gas prices so high."

Once the president landed, however, his motorcade sped off, accompanied by seven state police trooper cars, and two state police SUVs. The president is expected to tour Paterson, then return to Newark Liberty International Airport, where he will depart this afternoon.

Carol September 08, 2011 at 07:36 PM
Please stop making exucses for him. He should have toured Fairfield and Little Falls first. These towns are always flooding and need help. When was the last time Paterson flooded as bad as these town due, remember back in March Paterson didn't flood but Fairfield, Little Falls and Lincoln Park did.
Carol September 08, 2011 at 07:37 PM
Sorry about my spelling meant to have it read do
Carolyne Curley September 08, 2011 at 08:07 PM
Carol - check in with 1) Fairfield's Mayor 2)Fairfield's Business Administrator 3)Fairfield's Congressman. Ask them why they didn't invite the President to tour their town, nor did they meet him as he arrived in their town. Ask the Business Adminstrator why he reported to the Administration it was a non-storm and only 20% of Fairfield residents were affected. Ask the Mayor why he turned away media coverage. Ask the Congressman why he is not asking for FEMA money for his constituents while Senators Lautenberg, Menendez, Congressman Pascrell and Chris Christie are. Then you can report back to Eileen, Marian, and Nancy and fill them in with your new found knowledge explaining to them why he didn't tour Fairfield and why he did tour Wayne and Paterson. And why our friends and neighbors in Fairfield will be receiving all the compensation they need from FEMA despite the efforts of their town and congressman from keeping that happening.
Carol September 08, 2011 at 08:58 PM
Don't need to ask anyone about inviting. There was enough news about the flooding in our area in previous times. If you feel so strongly about this, why don't you ask those questions to the Fairfield mayor and council. Again, I repeat and will keep repeating other towns deserved as much or more coverage on the news about flooding. Let us not concern ourselves with only one town. Again ask the people that be in charge, the Governor and others why they haven't done anything about the floods. Don't come back at me with your nasty response, go the people who should be fixing the situation. My only statement was that I am tired of hearing about Paterson when other areas have been hit over and over again. I am not making light of the problems in Paterson, but PA has evacutated people again, I have more sympathy for them and the people in Manville right now.
Don September 09, 2011 at 01:11 AM
Obama toured both Wayne and Paterson. Its a symbolic gesture. Its an important one. He can't be everywhere. He had to visit other areas too. Wayne and Paterson are two of the worst affected areas.


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