Marin's Yogi Tea Partier Basks in GOP Love as Convention Delegate

Sally Zelikovsky, founder of the Bay Area Patriots and coordinator of the San Francisco Tea Party, shares her thoughts on the presidential race and what it's like being a Tea Party activist in Marin.


San Rafael resident Sally Zelikovsky, founder of the Bay Area Patriots and coordinator of the San Francisco Tea Party, is in Tampa, Fla., this week at the Republication National Convention. It’s the first time the 12-year Marin resident has served as a delegate. “I’m so honored to have been selected and to be representing California conservatives,” she told Patch last week.

Zelikovsky, who hosted an event for one-time Republican contender Michaelle Bachmann during the primaries, took the time out of her busy schedule to talk about her support for the Romney-Ryan ticket, the presidential race in general and what it’s like being a yoga-ing Tea Party activist in Marin.  

What are you looking forward to at the convention? 
“I am looking forward to being a part of history, and to formally nominating the Romney-Ryan ticket … The country is really going down the wrong path, and as someone with three kids, I’m really concerned about their future. It’s time to get this country on the right path and the Republican party offers the best future for America right now.”

What are the biggest issues in the presidential race? 
“Jobs and the economy are on the top of everybody’s minds right now. Until we can get the economy moving, jolt the system and get jobs created in the private sector … we’re going to be stuck in the same place we are,” she said. “There are lots of other issues. I think we are living an extremely dangerous world right now and it’s time we pay attention to our national security and what is happening at the world at large. The economic threats to this country really make this country vulnerable.”

Can you elaborate on the economic threats?
“If your debt exceeds your revenues, your country is going to be vulnerable, national security-wise. There will be unrest at home, people will not be working, people will be dependent on government handouts and it’s not good for the country,” Zelikovsky said. “We can’t pay our bills, we are reliant on other countries, and that puts us in an extremely vulnerable situation. People who are not friends with the United States can wreak all sorts of havoc on our country.”

What are some of the other issues on the forefront of the race?
Zelikovsky said entitlements must be addressed after the presidential election. “Romney and Ryan are unafraid to look the American people in the face and say ‘Hey, Medicare and Social Security will not be here for people 55 and younger, we’re not going to do anything to those 55 and older, but we have to address those entitlements,'" she said. “There has been a lot of heads sticking in the sand with politics in regards to these two issues. They absolutely have to be addressed or we’re going to be in a real financial pickle. They have to be addressed and the Republicans are not afraid to address those issues and in a fair and moral and reasonable way.”

Why do you support the Romney-Ryan ticket specifically?
“I think Romney has all the skills and temperament to be a fabulous president. And I think choosing Paul Ryan was an incredibly wise move on his part. He chose someone who has great character, someone who is passionate about his job in congress and makes sure he speaks on behalf of the American people. He has been very courageous and bold over the number years at pointing out the budget pitfalls,” she said. “I think we have a lot of idea-mongering in the White House and in Congress. I think this is someone who can put the actions behind the words.” 
Zelikovsky said the presidential ticket is appealing to many, including swing voters, independents and moderate Democrats. 

What are some of your hobbies?
“I love to exercise. I do a lot of yoga. I’m probably the only conservative in my yoga class, but we all have known each other for many years and it works.” 
She also keeps busy with her children, writing and music (including singing a capella or playing the piano). “My kids are all involved in music. I’ve always been doing it - singing it or playing it. It’s a big part of my life.”

What’s it like being a Tea Partier in Marin? 
“It’s not as dire as people think it is. There are a lot of conservatives and tea partiers in Marin and the Bay Area. They are here, with strong values and principals, and they are vocal, involved and unafraid.”

Have you experienced any hatred in Marin?
“I have definitely have had people beep at my car and give me thumbs up and smile, I’ve also had people who got out their way to pull up to me, give me the finger or follow me to a parking lot and scream at me.” 


Fairfax resident Kevin Krick, chairman of the Marin County Republican Central Committee, is also at the GOP convention. . 

alameda vigilante August 31, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Reply to Dave-UnclearOnTheConcept-theP on religious freedom. It's not about prayer. It's about morality & the government not defining what religion is for people who practice one. Read the Hosanna-Tabor decision. Church-run adoption agencies should not be sued out of business for refusing to place orphans with same-sex couples. Catholic employers should not be FINED by the government for not paying for their employees' abortions. You are free to sin on your own time & your own dime, but don't ask me to finance your activities.
alameda vigilante August 31, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Ricardo, I can't believe you are so uninformed about the Tea Party, because from your posts you are certainly a member! No one is more opposed to unversal surveillance & Smart Meters than tea party patriots! You are absolutely correct about the problems with electronic health care records."GIGO" applies here. If you have any complex medical history at all, look for it to be strangely simplified by the data analysts Go to Californiansshrugged.org for an ongoing analysis about the meaning of Obamacare in dollars & cents. Obamacare puts all power to deliver health care in the hands & integrity of insurance companies like Kaiser and turns all docs like me into their employees, eliminating the doctor-patient relationship.
Rico August 31, 2012 at 06:45 PM
alameda, No, I am the opposite of a TEA party member, but I do give them credit for opposing the SmartMeters. Their reasons are incorrect though, the SmartMeters are not capable of anything except automating meter reading , eliminating jobs and reporting what a meter uses at different times 2 days later, not in real time. The TEA partiers believe all the pseudo-science put out by some activists, like the SmartMeters use powerful microwave radar beams to track customers like planes in the sky, and that the utility can somehow find out what appliances one is using, all not true. As for all the other REAL surveillance programs being deployed against the people, the TEA partiers don't have a clue, and they embrace them with open arms because everything must be done for the common corporate good (in their eyes). I do give them credit for opposing the SmartMeters, the SMART train and UN Agenda 21, but the SmartMeters are not part of Agenda 21. By the way, I am strongly opposed to corporate control of the government, the TEA party, the SmartMeters and UN Agenda 21. I admit I voted for Obama in 2008, but I am not happy with him because he is powerless to stop the corporate rule, and has given them far too much of our tax money already. So, I am not going to vote for Obama, and not for Romney either. I don't want to vote for someone who is spineless and promotes more corporate rule, so I am not voting for anybody for president.
DavethePragmatist August 31, 2012 at 09:05 PM
Dear Alameda. Sounds like you are trying to push your morality on to others. You can believe what you want. I'd never want to tell you want to believe - please don't do that to others. And if you want to take public money, remember, that you need to work within the public doctrine. I also find it funny that our tag names are so different - by being a "vigilante" you express violence and force. Note I really look for pragmatic solutions. Big difference don't you think? I think that is exactly the difference between republicans and democrats, or conservatives and progressives. I am proud to be a forward looking person rather than one stuck in the wild west.
Rico September 01, 2012 at 01:46 AM
The big spin being put out by politicians now is jobs, jobs, jobs. But their definition of a job in not a real job, it is a very low wage ($8 to $13 per hour with no benefits) job so they can say " look, I created a few low wage jobs, and that is a good thing, I am healing the economy". Obama says, "I gave millions to energy corporations for their automated radio meter project to help the corporations eliminate jobs, that is good for the corporate economy". And Scott Walker says, " we need to eliminate collective bargaining so we can control the people and make them stop asking for a decent living wage". The jobs that these present politicians on both sides boast about are a joke. It's all about control and slavery to the corporations, and these politicians are spoon feeding it to the TEA partiers, and they are eating it up. Why should we pay any taxes at at all if they plan on using it on programs that are to the detriment of the people ? And, remember what Jesse Ventura said, " When a politician tells you that they are taking your tax money to make you safe, LOOKOUT, because you are about to lose your freedoms". And I might add, also your money to make you a slave to corporations.


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