Live Blog: Planning Commission Approves Sports Complex

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The Planning Commission will begin thier meeting at 7 p.m. Follow along for updates.

chris June 07, 2012 at 04:50 AM
Please oh please do NOT approve this, commissioners. I would feel so badly for my friends who live on Vendola Drive. The peace and quiet inside their home and outside in their backyard will be gone forever. Please don't do this to them!
chris June 07, 2012 at 05:38 AM
dan sonnet, thank you for opposing. one voice of reason.
Gail Jonas June 07, 2012 at 06:18 AM
Anyone named Sonnet gets my support, and "this shall give life to thee."
D. C. Beard June 07, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Thank you commissioners for wisely approving this project which is of great benefit to the community. The few Marin residents who oppose having a field for children's soccer leagues 1/2 mile away will soon habitate to the cheerful sound of children playing. Marin needs more development like this, which improves the quality of life. Thank you again!
chris June 07, 2012 at 08:24 PM
D.C. Beard, The field will be open until 10 or 11pm or midnight to accomodate ADULT games not "cheerful" children's games. The sound will be from about 1000 feet away not half a mile. The sound will be extremely and annoyingly loud in a neighborhood historically accustomed to hearing wetland birds and frogs. Ms. Bushy-Langs's comment that it would be a "joyful noise" show how completely out of touch she is to the sensitivity of this issue! She should spend time creekside in Santa Venetia during games , or even inside homes with windows closed, and try to hold a conversation with friends and see how joyful she feels. This will not be joyful. It will indeed be so unjoyful that it will make people put their homes up for sale and disrupt their lives. This is a detriment in so many ways, enviromentally and for the community. This is not an improvement to the quality of life in Marin. It might make the developers some money. If not, the building will be there to turn into something more profitable. Building a huge sports complex at this sensitive location is a sad tipping point in Marin. It is a developer's dream finally coming true in the one form he could finally get enough variances for to sneak through planning. Look at the history of this property. The trade-offs made to allow dense development on the western part of the property are being reneged. WRONG.
D. C. Beard June 07, 2012 at 10:53 PM
McInnis Park has been in the same area since 1992 not to mention the schools in the area, and there have been few complaints about the noise except recently from Santa Venetia. Plus, the Clapper Rail population near McInnis park has increased to well over 1000 since the park was built. They should not have built homes below sea level in Santa Venetia in the first place, so selling your homes and moving on would be a great idea. The Clapper Rail will happily move back into abandoned backyards of Santa Venetia.
chris June 07, 2012 at 11:28 PM
The Santa Venetia homes have been there since the 1950's. How rude are you suggesting abandoning homes and moving on is a good idea? Shows what kind of person you are! The residents of Santa Venetia have not complained that often about the noise from McGinnis park though they have noticed it. This project is so much closer and is slated to create much louder noise from 8 am til midnight 7 days a week.
D. C. Beard June 08, 2012 at 12:32 AM
Flooding, seismic liquefaction, leaky water and sewer lines that require constant maintenance are among the numerous reasons why it is not a good idea to buy a home in Santa Venetia. There are numerous existing building and environmental code violations in this neighborhood. Having access to a nearby sporting facility is good for the community, especially Santa Venetia.
chris June 08, 2012 at 01:11 AM
D.C. Beard - Hm no floods or leaky water lines at my friend's house in SV along the wetlands for the past 20 years. Survived all the e'quakes since the 50's no prob. The new reason not to buy a home in Santa Venetia will be the relentless noise. Homes in Santa Venetia are modest, not fancy but nice, especially due to their quiet location right next to nature. Perhaps when they were built in the fifties it was not a great idea environmentallly, but they are there. I bet there are code violations in every neighborhood of Marin even the fancy ones. Trust me, the noise of adult soccer games played late at night and the early morning wake up call on the weekends will not be a good thing for my friends who live in Santa Venetia. I would be willing to bet that if the homes in Santa Venetia were upscale McMansions, this project would not get approval.


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