Gerstle Park Neighbor Samantha Sargent Enters City Council Race

The Bay Area Native filed to run for San Rafael City Council just in time for the deadline.

Last Wednesday was the deadline for candidates to file paperwork for the November election, and one San Rafael resident decided to throw a last minute curve ball: Samantha Sargent filed to run for City Council.

“I began thinking about it seriously only the last couple of weeks,” Sargent said. “I just felt I really have something to offer the city.”

Although this is her first venture into the political arena, Sargent is no stranger to the City Council. The Bay Area native has spent the last year as an active member of the Gerstle Park Neighborhood Association and earned a reputation as a courageous and tenacious individual with high expectations for elected officials.

Sargent first lived in San Rafael in the early ‘90s while she studied economics at Sonoma State University.

“I was here when Mayor Al Boro put all his efforts to reviving downtown,” Sargent said. “I always remembered San Rafael for it’s beauty.”

She came back to the area four years ago after switching careers from sales and marketing for the computer industry to general contracting.

Since moving back, Sargent has been involved in neighborhood issues like the saturation of in San Rafael and most recently Centerfield Partner’s proposal to .

She’s also developed a relationship with the to try to keep Albert Park safe after dark, according to fellow Gerstle Park neighbor Amy Likover.

“She’s really believes in residents’ rights for transparency with their local government,” Likover said, noting that Sargent takes the time to research issues and get the community’s and city officials’ input.

“And she doesn’t wait to see what way the wind will blow on issues,” she said.

Sargent is running against and Council member Damon Connolly is also running for re-election.

Her vision of San Rafael includes providing support for neighbors, safety workers and small business owners in an economic climate where services are dropping.

“My commitment is to be an accessible council member for all San Rafael’s residents and to be a steward for our environment as well as a champion of a thriving economy,” Sargent said.

Carol October 07, 2011 at 09:32 PM
"Sargent is running against attorney and Peacock Gap neighbor Andrew McCullough and San Rafael High School Assistant Principal Whitney Hoyt." Again, as in the article on the recent candidate's debate with your "unscientific poll" you exclude current councilmember Connolly who is running for re-election. Why do you keep doing this and therefore possibly misleading the voters - frankly if anyone is relying on the Patch for their voting info, then they are really mis-informed but you don't need to add misinformation to the mix. Please correct your statement.
Nicole Ely (Editor) October 08, 2011 at 08:18 PM
I understand your thoughts on including Damon Connolly. Since I have limited resources, I chose to run the profiles of the new council candidates because they did not spend the last four years in the public spotlight as a council member and I felt they needed to be introduced to the community. However, Damon is included in the candidates forum coverage that I recently published. You can find it here: http://patch.com/A-m64Y Regarding the poll, due to technical limitations, it will only allow readers to vote once, when there are two seats to be filled. So I chose to exclude Connolly for this reason, which is unfortunate but we have to make due with what we have. To avoid confusion, there are editor's notes in each story explaining the limitation, and the headline for the poll is vote for the "new" candidate. You can find those here: http://patch.com/A-m8Zl Thanks for your thoughts.


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