Q&A With Rudy Reyes, Candidate for County Supervisor

Reyes: "We need change! We need new ideas!"

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Santee resident and incumbent Dianne Jacob will be on the June 5 ballot for San Diego County Supervisor of District 2. They faced off for the same seat in 2008, in which Reyes received 22 percent of the vote.

Patch: Why vote for you over Dianne Jacob?

Rudy Reyes: Simple- she is responsible for everything going wrong in the county! fires, roads, corporatism!  HAD Enough YET!  WE NEED CHANGE! WE NEED NEW IDEAS! 

Patch: What is your position concerning the Quail Brush Generation Project that is under review by the California Energy Commission to be constructed near and Santee?

Reyes:  I have helped the Stop Santee Power Plant Organization since its inception. I have helped organize and steer them towards being politically active. I believe the power plant is a attack on out community preserved wildlife, property values, and our community health.

As a burn survivor I know the threat being posed by said power plant and I vow to fight this power plant if I am elected county supervisor. I am concerned with the historic lack of the current county supervisor in protecting our community, i.e. Las Colinas, , . I also seriously question the "need" for this 100mw power plant as our community just got "Tricked" into, less than 3 miles away, the 24/7 300mw Sunrise Powerlink! 

Patch: I’m a 37-year-old public school teacher, and every year I fear losing my job. Why should I vote for you?

Reyes:  I  taught at University level, I used to be a middle school AVID teacher/tutor; in the east county, I know how hard a public school teachers job is. I know the value and need of a good education and the heart involved in trying to educate our next generation. I have and will pledge to support the teachers of our county! As they support our Counties future! The current County Supervisor has attacked and pulled as much funding from schooling as possible. We need change!  

Patch: I’m 52 and own a greeting card shop, and this economy is still killing me. Why should I vote for you?

Reyes:  This economy is hurting a lot of local owned businesses. Simple answer: If you want the SAME with no changes to the economy keep same politics in place! If you want changes in economy allow the system to right itself as intended by Constitution with new blood and ideas! As our society adapts to new technologies, we need our leader to be updated to changes and promote the community to adapt as well. Our current supervisor is way beyond retirement age and is outdated to current technologies! Example allowing technologies such as to lower bills for our local businesses and citizens!     

Patch: I’m 45 and have been out of work for 14 months. I’m well-educated, but employers won’t even let me in the door.  Why should I vote for you?

Reyes: I believe during times of Harsh unemployment the county could open jobs for community involvement. A proverbial "F Troop" to help clean and restore the communities. This would allow for employment for families on the edge of poverty line to keep them economically afloat. Of course it is not a permanent but it is a good solution to restore our community pride. This would be a in between position until the "well-educated" can get back into the work force.          

Patch: I’m 18 and getting into the state university system is harder than ever—and more expensive?  Why should I vote for you?

Reyes: Again I used to be a university level teacher, I know the university system is more expensive and harder then ever. The reason you are going to university is because you understand the need for education to improve the quality of your life. Vote for me because you understand that we need new ideas and technological knowledge to be competitive as a American people!

The current County Supervisor has been there for 20 years, She has been left behind technologically, and no longer understand the need of the next generation. I have vowed to support the education of our next generation, allow me to help you.      

Patch: I’m 39 and worried about our country’s moral fabric, since it is moving toward gay marriage and marijuana legalization. My church is my main source of strength. Why should I vote for you?

Reyes: I was ordained a Reverend to help other peoples cope with life traumas. I understand human need for faith and morals. Understanding  that humans evolve as we learn more. 

"Moral evolutionism is an attempt to assign the natural changes that evolution brings to any situation, and apply them to Morality. This means that any set of rules that a society uses to govern itself, even on a day to day basis, are subject to change as that society progresses through the time span that is being considered in the environment that that society is found in." 

I do not support pointless "Hate." I don't see the "moral fabric" being "moved," I see the evolution of America's Moral. Your faith is your main source of strength, all faith teach to love fellow humans. Stay strong with your faith without "hating" other humans! I ask for your vote as a Reverend to allow faith and love to make better tomorrow for us all.  

Patch: I’m 90 and can’t leave my house, because I hear police sirens all the time and my neighbors had their car broken into. Why should I vote for you?

Reyes:  I am also disabled/retired from a burn over 70 percent of my body sustained during the 2003 cedar fires. I know what it is like to be afraid of the pains of the world. Allowing Fear to run and ruin ones life is not a quality life! As county Supervisor I will improve the services to the elderly; Currently the county does have a elderly services program that the economy has seriously impacted. I vow to re-examine said program and allow our elderly to once again enjoy a quality life.       

Due to technical difficulties beyond her control, the Q&A from the other District 2 County Supervisor candidate, Dianne Jacob, wasn't received, no deadlines were missed (read for insight into what she is involved with as County Supervisor).

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Kathy May 31, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Hum, I'm not sure what you are saying exactly. Whatever you are trying to say, it sounds a little hostile and violent, is that your point?
J.T. May 31, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Dianne Jacobs started the fires?!? We definitely need to vote for this guy. We could use a little more comedy in politics. Victim, professor, reverand, counselor, technological wizard, protector of the elderly, wanna be politician, and keeper of the ever-shifting moral compass of society.....Is there anything this guy can't do or be? I have never been so fully impressed and enamored with someone as I am right now. I can't wait to vote.
Kathy May 31, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Please don't forget Instigator, Fabricator and Hostile, that should about cover it. So J.T. would I be correct in assuming that your vote would be a sympathy vote?
Larry May 31, 2012 at 11:10 PM
Comedy vote
Kevin George June 06, 2012 at 10:23 PM
That's all code for " gimme my pot". Rudy is a big time medical marijuana advocate.


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