Author of Anti-Lawson Blog Outs Himself

Petaluma resident Paul Andersen said he decided to follow the money to learn more about Stacey Lawson, her past and who was funding her.

Paul Andersen, a Petaluma resident and Susan Adams’ former campaign manager, has recently outed himself as the voice behind the “Who is Stacey Lawson?” blog which has received a considerable amount of attention over the course of the 2nd District Congressional campaign.

In his post, Andersen, who resigned from Adams' campaign in March, said he felt the need to expose Lawson, who he described as a political newcomer with a shoddy voting record and moved to San Rafael three years after making millions inprivate business.

“This whole endeavor started because I was interested in how someone who’s a complete unknown could raise so much money — which in today’s day and age makes her an instant contender among a group of candidates that actually have significant governmental experience,” Andersen wrote.

“Stacey Lawson has barely lived in this district for three years. She has no public service experience in our community. She doesn’t even own a house, instead renting a mansion in her current location of San Rafael. Who had even heard of Stacey Lawson before last fall?”

Anderson also said that Lawson’s story of growing up working class and living in a trailer were not true and that the family lived a comfortable middle to upper-middle class existence where her father owned a trucking company. He also dug up previous posts Lawson had a tried to delete where she called herself “petty, jealous, angry and self-righteous” and appeared to be questionning herself and her values.

Marin County Supervisor Susan Adams, one of 12 candidates competing in the Congressional race, told the Press Democrat that she was “as surprised as anyone" that a former campaign manager had launched the anonymous critique of Lawson and that she was “very disappointed” by the approach.

Read more Andersen’s site here


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