Are You Worried About Drinking Tap Water?

Marin's usually delicious tap water has been tasting a little different for some, thanks to blooming algae at reservoirs. Now we want to know how many of our readers regularly drink tap water. Vote in our poll below!

Blooming algae at some Marin reservoirs has.

In the last few days, many in Marin have recently noticed their tap water tastes different. While the blooming algae taste from the Nicasio Reservoir has been noticeable in Ross Valley and San Rafael, officials are handling a bloom at , according to a story in the . The water is all still perfectly safe to drink and the taste is expected to go away soon, . 

During discussions about the weird-tasting water, I was surprised to hear from some people who don’t drink tap water. Period.

I drink an excessive amount of water (I’ve even had doctors tell me to drink less) and consider myself a bit of a tap water connoisseur. I drink from the tap whenever I can, including the extremely copper-tasting, and at times yellow-tinted, water that ran from faucets while I was in college in Moscow, Idaho. Marin tap water is the most refreshing tap water I’ve had, hands down. And, until this recent algae bloom, has always been flavorless.

Attached is the Marin Municipal Water District 2012 Annual Water Quality Report, if you’re curious about just what is in your tap water. Everything meets, if not exceeds, state standards.  

What do you think? Are you worried about drinking tap water? Do you like the normal taste of Marin’s tap water?


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