Santa Venetia Neighbor Takes You Inside Airport's Proposed Soccer Facility

One Santa Venetia resident created a simulation video of the proposed soccer facility at the San Rafael Airport.

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Santa Venetia resident Robert Dobrin created this vitural simulation of the San Rafael Airport project that includes constructing a 85,700-square-foot recreational building at 397 Smith Ranch Road.

The above video was created with Google Earth using the exact measurements that were provided to the San Rafael Design Reivew Board, said Dobrin, who believes that the project's scale and issues with noise, lighting and safety make the sport facility inappropriate for the location.

In 2006, the aiport developer sued Dobrin, as well as another outspoken critic of the project, claiming that Dobrin trespassed on airport property to take photos, and that he owned an illegal boat dock that encroached on airport property, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

The staff report addressing the environmental issues raised in public meetings since the draft environmental impact report in 2009 is available above.

Dobrin hopes to present a longer version of this video to the Planning Commission on Tuesday.

San Rafael Patch will be live blogging the event.

deborah January 24, 2012 at 03:44 PM
I've previously worked on the airport property for over 7 years and my husband has lived within 2 blocks for several more years. It seems that those who are in support of this facility are completely disconnected to the concerns of the people and local animals that live local to it. This video only begins to address the negative physical impact it will have on the local natural environment. Not only would the limited environment of the endangered clapper rail be adversely effected, so would the natural habitat of other local birds, like the large quail population. The increased traffic would create pollutant street run-off that would flow into the creek that the local egrets and herons feed in. It is currently a beautiful habitat and should not be destroyed. It should be protected. The video cannot illustrate the local noise pollution in the area that ALREADY carries much too easily now. There are already several noisy outdoor soccer fields in the area and local residents already currently tolerate on various occasions from huge events at the Civic Center. This audio invasion would increase to being a year-round experience. The facility would be an eye-sore for the those of us that regularly walk and kayak along the Las Gallinas Creek. For those of us who seek refuge in nature and in bird songs, this facility would be a great disservice to this generation and certainly generations to come. Protect Las Gallinas Creek!
deborah January 24, 2012 at 03:46 PM
If people want large facilities, they should do it in a way that is respectful of the local inhabitants, not just for their own profit and the benefits of those driving in "for the day". We live here.
RXWingman September 11, 2012 at 06:41 PM
To all the "NIMBy's" (not in my backyard) please keep in mind airports throughout california are being shut down by developers that feel building houses are more important, and more profitable, than having general aviation airports near residential areas. Airports always came first, yet houses and communities continue to encroach. If airports can find ways to stay open by using available space to help fund their existence, it keeps developers from building more homes and Walmart's there. Airports are nothing more than empty space, and by regulation cannot have tall buildings within a zoned area. At least this way you keep the space the airport occupies, and the natural habitate surrounding the area, and not add thousand new homes that will increase traffic and congestion in you area. Sounds like a good plan to add value and tax revenue without adding more residents. If you don't like the idea of a soccer field, better come up with another plan for the area pronto, before a developer beats you to it and removes the airport entirely for a new Walmart and a 1,000 cookie-cutter homes.
Lizzardking's Rise September 12, 2012 at 05:36 AM
Come again? I realize that I am not exactly a poster child for reading comprehension, but man, I am having trouble following this initial news story. I especially do not understand someone talking about the beauty of Las Gallinas Creek. Man, I always thought that was a sewer and have seen hapless folks trying to oar themselves out of that filthy and smelly mud flat.


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