Two Ross Valley Rescues

Good Samaritan is on hand to help victims in two separate incidents

Ross Valley Fired Department officials say that a bicycling injury prompted a call to Sonoma County Sheriff’s rescue helicopter on Thursday afternoon.

The cyclist, whose name has not yet been reported, fell off a bicycle on a trail at Boy Scout Camp Tamarancho and was airlifted to safety and eventually taken to Marin General Hospital. It is believed that the injury was a broken arm or wrist.

According to Brian Sagar, who was on hand and posted videos to YouTube, “Helicopter pilot Paul Bradley dropped his rescuer by line to [the] biker and air lifted them to the Ross Valley Paramedic truck. Marin County Fire trucks also responded.”

Sagar also reported that a neighbor, Craig Zellers, who was jogging near the incident offered to retrieve the victim’s bicycle and return it.

“About an hour later Zellers was going to bring the bike to the Fairfax firehouse when a car traveling down Tamalpais Rd. lost control hit an embankment the careened off the hillside,” Sagar reported. “The air bag deployed and the female driver was injured. Luckily the car was just barely stopped by wedging between two trees. Zellers, with the bike from the last indecent was one of the first on the scene and help the woman from the car.


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