Crime Map: Police Continue to Investigate 20 Burglaries in Glenwood Area

See where the Glenwood, Peacock Gap and Loch Lomond burglaries have been occurring.

Since August, San Rafael police have been investigating a rash of burglaries that have occurred in the Glenwood, Peacock Gap and Lochmond neighborhoods. So far, over 20 incidents have been reported.

The suspect generally gains access through unlocked windows and doors, and searches for jewelry or cash. The items are then stashed in a pillowcase stolen from the house. The number of suspects involved in the burglaries is unknown. Since the houses are left neat and not ransacked, many of the residents are unaware of the burglaries for days.

San Rafael police have increased their patrols in the area, but many neighbors are still on edge because of the uptick. Last week, Glenwood, Peacock Gap and Loch Lomond neighbors organized a community meeting with police to discuss the problem.

Police urged the community to be vigiliant about reporting suspicious activity in the area. “It usually is that one call from a neighbor who sees something odd that breaks the case,” Police Chief Diana Bishop told Patch at the meeting.

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  • Police Investigate 15 Burglaries in Peacock Gap and Glenwood Neighborhoods

The map: The red triangles mark the spot where breaking and entering have occurred between August and October. All locations are approximate. The information was taken from crimereports.com. This map will be updated as more reports come in.

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