Burglar Takes Big Fall From Redwood

This cat burglar doesn't land on his feet after falling 40 feet from a tree following a police chase in Larkspur.

A burglary suspect was injured when he jumped from a tree onto the roof of a residence in Larkspur while trying to avoid arrest Thursday night, a Twin Cities Police Sgt. Julie Gorwood reported.

The male suspect was taken to Marin General Hospital and is listed in critical condition, Gorwood said.

The suspect tried to break into a residence in the 500 block of Cane Street in Larkspur around 9:30 p.m., Gorwood said.

Twin Cities police chased the suspect on foot as he ran through a creek area before he climbed on top of the roof at a home in the 200 block of Monte Vista Avenue, Gorwood said. The residents of the house were evacuated.

When officers surrounded the house and ordered the suspect to come down, he jumped onto a tall redwood tree next to the house and climbed to the top of it, according to Gorwood.

Police called the Larkspur and Kentfield fire departments to help get the suspect down from the tree, but before they arrived, the suspect jumped from the tree onto the roof of a two-story house, Gorwood said.

The suspect suffered serious injuries from the 40-foot fall and caused major damage to the roof. Police and firefighters removed the man from the roof and he was taken to the hospital, she said.

Due to his injuries and lack of identification, the suspect remains unidentified, Gorwood said.

— Bay City News contributed to this report


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