The Evils of Veolia


THE VEOLIA GROUP is a French multinational, which plays a growing role in the world economy, pushing privatization of water resources, transportation and other public services. In the Bay Area, Veolia has pushed for the privat­ization of water treatment in Richmond, which has led to union busting and environmental degradation.
Thomas P. Hoch, Vice President of Veolia Transportation Services was hired to represent BART management in recent negotiations and he attacked the ATU 1555, SEIU 1021 and AFSCME 3993 union locals. Veolia is also involved in privatizing transportation services and attacking unions such as the Boston School Bus Drivers USW 8751, where they have blatantly violated their union contract and fired four of the union leaders. They are still fighting for their jobs back.
Globally, the Veolia/ Transdev group is the largest water privatization com­pany and various environmental groups have tracked its record of destruc­tion and corruption. In the occupied West Bank, subsidiaries of the group op­erated segregated buses to illegal Israeli settlements; they operate an illegal settler dump and run a light rail system that sustains the Israeli settlements around Jerusalem. Communities all around the world have organized against Veolia and managed to get their cities and unions to pass anti privatization resolution declaring their cities "Veolia Free".


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