Supermoms Need to Recharge the Batteries Too

Moms juggle so many things, from full-time child care responsibilities, to being the bread winner to never having a moment to decompress. Be sure to designate some alone time, and the whole family will benefit.


Hey moms, when was the last time you took a bath alone, with candles and a book? How about a yoga or dance class?

All mothers, whether they be stay-at-home, work-from-home or work full-time often have very little “me” time. Motherhood is a round the clock position, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Stay-at-home moms have no job description to refer to, in regards to sick leave or vacation time and take on the exhausting task of caring for someone else, all day long.

Working out-of-the-home moms have two jobs, one begins right after the other one stops. It’s important to designate time to decompress, so be sure to set some personal boundaries, no one will do it for you.

If mothers don’t slice out a portion of time for themselves, whether it’s heading to gym, taking a day to go to the beach with friends, or even heading out for dinner and drinks (with the hubby!), then feelings of frustration and jealousy regarding the freedom of others may set in.

How many times has the laundry just kept growing, no matter how many loads have been washed? Have you ever wondered, “just what is it I’m doing here at home? I’m exhausted, the house is always a mess. Am I even a good mother?”

It’s tough to stay objective when one hasn’t stepped out of the box and recharged the Supermom batteries. No one in the family benefits from a crabby, stressed out parent.

There are plenty of local events and classes for moms in San Rafael. In and out in an hour and come out feeling as though you’ve spend a week on the beach. The mind is so important to nourish. Continuously giving and focusing on others, it’s natural the mental state will need to be replenished.

Relaxing Classes

You can check out yoga classes at the recently opened Red Dragon Bikram Yoga Studio on Fourth street.

is starting up the spring classes, which offer great programs such as basic conversational french instruction, Zumba fitness and even organized trips to Thailand and Alaskan cruises.

Spa Days

Mill Valley Massage on C street offers several wonderful types of massage at a very reasonable price. in Montecito Plaza and also offer deals to treat yourself.

Don’t delay moms, schedule some “me” time and then head home fully prepared for whatever is thrown in your direction, even if it is paint or a stuffed animal.


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