presidental taxpayer abuse

Aren't we all just so very happy to see that our President's wife is taking her little daughters on a little field trip to China all paid for thanks to us taxpayers. I and most other Americans can't afford to take a vacation to China. Yet our president's wife and daughters flaunt their visit. Why do we continue to allow this kind of political theft? We did not elect a first wife or first children or anything else. Enougth people voted for Barak Obama not for his family. Power has corrupted our government and I am not sure there is any way to stop them now. American self appointed royalty is just as disgusting and abusive as other royalty around the world. Amazing what people tolerate.
Michael March 26, 2014 at 07:20 PM
and if you still like to stick your head in the sand and believe that our elected officials have only our best interests in mind then think again. Obama (the current and someday former US president) is hitting Brussels this week with 900 personnel, 45 vehicles (many armored) and 3 cargo planes. 900 personnel? WTF is going on! No way any single person needs this especially Obama. How out of control does the US government need to be before the taxpayers say ENOUGH? Seems most Americans simply do not care about how their taxes are being spent. One man to attend one meeting and this is what we taxpayers are told we have to foot the bill for? What are we getting for the royalty treatment our elected officials heap on themselves. Why can't this be done with a video conference like in the real world? And his wife and daughters run up our bill on their vacation in China. And OUR white house continues to comment with 'as a mater of policy we do not discuss how much these trips cost'. “We don’t discuss costs,” said Brian Leary, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service in a brief telephone interview. Say what? Who does know how much the taxpayers are getting fleeced for? Why aren't we told how much our elected officials are spending on these 'trips'? This is insanity and this is the CHANGE Obama was really talking about. Obama is the most secretive, costly, most dishonest president we have ever had. Unfortunately the lemmings that voted for him never asked him to clearly define CHANGE. I am sick of this guy and our out of control government.
Steve Perry March 27, 2014 at 07:48 PM
So happy to see so many racist idiots trolling these boards. Especially those who have no freaking idea of how government and foreign relations work.
Michael March 28, 2014 at 02:31 PM
funny how you immediately want to view comments as racist Steve Perry. Why is that? Not a single word on race yet that's how you read it. There is only one race and it is called 'human'. And those from the human race who are elected to government (in this case the federal government) have taken advantage of taxpayers for way too long. If you honestly feel our president needs 900 people and tens of millions of our tax dollars to attend a meeting then you are a big part of the problem in my view. And if you feel president's families should enjoy multiple free vacation (under the guise of public relations or whatever) all on us taxpayers then again you are a part of the problem in my view. And YES I am fully aware that many other president's have wasted our money this way but that does not mean it is right. Waste is waste and does not look at the skin color of those doing the wasting. America was founded on a fight to rid ourselves of royalty so why have we allowed our elected officials to treat themselves like royalty all on the backs of us taxpayers?
Hopkin April 02, 2014 at 06:48 PM
Michael, didn't you know the new mantra? Racist Until Proved Otherwise.


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