Poll: Will Residential Permits Solve Parking Problems in Your Neighborhood?

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Earlier this week, city officials and a few neighborhood representatives discussed the possibility of launching a residential parking permit program in certain neighborhoods in San Rafael.

The program would eventually pay for itself and neighborhoods would opt-in.

Several Patch readers took the opportunity to chime in about the parking conditions in their neighborhood.


I live only a few blocks from Montecito and I regularly have a really hard time finding parking that is close to my house. I often see employees of Whole Foods taking all the parking spots leaving the people who actually live in this neighborhood without any parking. I think this is a great solution. $3.33/month is a fair price to pay per year to ensure that residents get to park in their own neighborhoods. A two hour time limit is a great idea. That's plenty of time to shop. People who work from home are residents, and won't be effected by time limits.


I live near the corner of Mission and Green and it is almost impossible to find parking on the street. I would like to see permits issued but I don't think that we lower income residents (Those without big garages!) should have to cough up a large fee for the city to put up signs. Isn't there a city fund for that kind of thing?

What are the parking conditions for your neighborhood? Do you think there should be a permit program? Tell us in the comments and vote in our poll.

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Mary July 07, 2012 at 10:59 PM
I'm torn. Would like to see more residents of Gerstle Park (esp. east side) weigh in to hear both sides of the argument. It seems that over the last year large RVs and commercial trucks are being parked on the street...often for the max. days allowed for one vehicle to sit in a spot, then moved half a block or so to get around the ordinance. So neighbors...thoughts?
Love Larkspur July 08, 2012 at 04:00 PM
I have only lived in the neighborhood for about a year- but have noticed many things.The problem is so much bigger than parking permits will fix. I am surprized by how many residents use their garages for other than parking. Many garages are used for storage and/or converted to living spaces. Causing all residents to park on the street. I agree also with Marys' comment on large trucks etc. I see them move around day by day. Many homes in the area are so large that there are 6-8 occupants per house. That's a lot of cars to try to park in front of any given house. I don't know that there is an answer- but the City does have off street parking requirements for new builds and major remodels. It would be a start to at least enforce those rules and not allow variances from that in the future.
Local GPN resident July 08, 2012 at 04:20 PM
In the Gerstle Park neighborhood, Bayview Street particularly, street parking availability is almost non- existent. On the west side of D street, beginning at house numbers 211-212, there are red/fire zones that continuously ignored (especially in the late evenings, driveways that are blocked or their entrances being "narrowed" by a vehicle parking so close the curb cutaway that it blocks visability and is almost dangerous at times! Not only can you not see to the left or right to turn onto the street but you have to pull WAY out into the road to check and make sure that there isn't some idiot driver racing down the street going 40MPH leaving little or no time to avoid almost being plowed into. One suggestion to help lower the cost of purchasing and installing the signs would be to step-up law enforcement of residential speed limits and parking violations (see above). Add in tickets/violations for the failure to come to a complete stop at the 4-way stop-sign intersection Bayview, Taylor ,Woodland, and B Streets (in front of Muffin Mania).


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