PGE power outage last Sunday

During our humongous 1/2" storm last weekend, our power went out for about 5 seconds--just long enough to mess up all the clocks and computers. Sometime later, we got a robocall from PGE informing us that the power was out and that they expected to have it up by 1:00pm. We could also get updates on their website, they informed us.
This was a "Huh?" moment. If our power had been out, how would we have received that message? And how would we check the website? In the olden days, phones used to work even when power was out. Those days are gone, with today's electronic phones.
They only way they could have reached people was via text, but we received no text message.
Then today I received another PGE robocall asking if I would do a short survey about the previous outage response. I thought I'd get to tell them the error of their ways. But no, the roboquestions allowed no such feedback to them. So I have to rely on Patch to get the word out.
Somebody at PGE hasn't been out of the basement since the 1980s!

Pekupandropov February 11, 2014 at 02:11 AM
I have one old time phone in the closet for power outages. I could check my messages. My laptop has a battery and I still maintain one ethernet connection that will plug in to the computer. I could check the website. My cell phone works in a power outage too, for a while. Perhaps this isn't all PG&E's fault. Seems you have overdriven your headlights, technology wise, and not thought it through very carefully. The power will go out again.


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