Op-Ed: Marin's Youth Leaders Unite

The incoming student presidents of Marin's high schools meet to discuss leadership

Watch out, Marin County! There’s a new group of leaders stepping up on the stage, and we are determined to bring youth to the forefront of the community.

The president-elects of the Marin County high schools congregated on Sunday, July 29, to collectively discuss their roles as student body representatives.

“Our meeting’s objective was to collect information and share ideas and concerns that we all have about each other’s schools and the greater community,” said McCall Hoyt, ’s president-elect. “To have the ability to connect all of the high schools together is tremendous.”

While snacking on popcorn and potato chips, the presidents discussed everything from setting good examples as leaders to dealing with school administrations, having fun dances and spirit days to successfully fundraising.

The flow of diverse ideas allowed leaders of big and small schools alike to learn a lot from each other.

“Being part of this new organization will benefit small schools like The Marin School in a plethora of ways," said Simon Gottreich, president-elect of The Marin School. "We are very excited to absorb ideas and processes of larger schools to enhance our own school environment while contributing our unique principles.”

As the president-elect of Marin Catholic High School, I played a critical role in the meeting as the initiator and coordinator. I contacted the student advisors of the 12 high schools, created a Facebook page for the presidents, and found a meeting place for the group.

It started as a vision, but when the passion starting coursing through my veins, I just couldn’t stop.

The many hours of planning turned out to be worth it. Nine of the 12 leaders were present at the meeting, which lasted more than three hours.

I couldn’t have been happier with the turnout. It’s confirmation that each school leader in Marin is taking his or her role seriously!

The school leaders don’t plan on stopping here. We have already agreed to meet again in early September to plan a community event that will unite all the high schools and raise money for a beneficial cause.

“This meeting is only the beginning,” said president-elect Will Henderson. “As youth leaders, we have the ability to change our schools for the better. If we can accomplish something with 12 people, imagine what we could do if all the student body was involved? There is no doubt in my mind we will be creating a trend for years to come.”

To learn more about the presidents’ meeting or to get involved, contact Kathryn Khalvati at kathykhalvati@yahoo.com.

Terry Hennessy August 05, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Congratulations! As Director of Community Partnerships of St. Vincent de Paul Society, I am constantly amazed at the leadership qualities of our high school volunteers who serve in the free dining room. Their compassion and willingness is inspirational. Good Luck with this group, and let me know if I can help.


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