Is Golden Gate Transit puting more cars on the road?

Starting February 23, Golden Gate Transit will no longer serve the South of Market area past 4th street in San Francisco.  As a rider who has been using the 7th and 8th street bus stops for years, this is very disconcerting.

The reason:  their yard is moving from 8th and Harrison to 3rd and Perry.  But why does that mean they can't still service the stops at 7th and 8th?  No reason has been given.

With Zynga, Twitter, Dolby Labs, the Hall of Justice, and many other businesses in this area, deep SoMa has become busier since I first started commuting down there 8 years ago. 

So what are my options?  They are limited at best.  In a nutshell, I can transfer to other Golden Gate Transit buses, MUNI, or walk.  Each option will add 25-30 minutes onto my commute each way. 

I hate to say it, but getting in my car and becoming just another person creating traffic on Doyle drive is an option I'm seriously considering.  And most of the people I've spoken with at my bus stops feel the same way.

Service those 7th and 8th street stops, GGT.  Don't make more people get into their cars causing even more gridlock on SoMa streets.


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