Hit the Open Road: Tips for Surviving the Holiday Road Trip

Road tripping for the holidays can be easier with a little preparation. Here are some tips and places around town to help prepare the family for the long drive.

Traveling as a family for the holidays requires a lot of preparation and some common sense. A lot of parents almost forgo the trip simply because the thought of traveling two, three, six or eight hours seems daunting and exhausting. In hopes of pleasing the grandparents, the parents and the kids, here are some great tips for the holiday road trip.

  • Early Risers - If you grin and bear it, starting the trip at 4a.m. is actually very smart because the kids can continue to snooze until 7a.m. There’s three hours knocked out!
  • Comfort is Key - Parents, don’t bother with jeans and sweaters in the car, instead, let your kids get as comfortable as possible. Be sure to adjust the car seats for the child’s height and weight, secure the lovies, bring the pillows and blankets, and let them ride it out in pajamas or sweats.
  • Snack Attack - The car should be packed to the gills with healthy, easy munching snacks. It makes it healthy for the heart and the wallet by eliminating the need for a fast food stop. And you can make the journey special by producing a new sippy cup, or letting the kids enjoy sandwiches cut into fun shapes by using cookie cuttters.
  • Fully Charged Gear - If you bring out the DVD player for the last leg of the journey, be sure to fully charge all electronic equipment the night before driving. The last thing a parent wants is for the gaming and video equipment to die down before reaching the destination.
  • Stop and Smell the Roses - Kids of all ages will want to stop at least once, or twice, depending on the length of the car ride. Look for a park or a roadside stop with grass, it will allow everyone to blow off some steam and freshen up for more traveling.

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