In The Quest For The Supreme Truth: Begin With A Life Worth Living

Truth you experience through life will sink in deep, as against a Truth preached to you, or read from books. There will be no doubt left. Such a Truth will revive clarity and courage to truly live.

Begin by being honest with your own Self.

Is your life complete? Do you live with abandonment or suppression? Do you have courage to define your Self no matter the consequence? Do you have strength to bleed for your heart's choice? Answer these questions and you open the door to a life worth living.

When you peel away the upper layers of the Self, you find that at a deeper level, people suffer in the same way in every Country and every community. Depending upon the culture only the causative elements differ. Expectations of every society are different and so values and judgments are different. But the Self everywhere is suppressed and individual freedom missing.  Cultures have judged each other to feel a false sense of superiority and completeness all through time. People who live and die in a small local world exist all their life in such an illusion. So remember that only the nature of suppression is different regardless where you live. Freedom to live requires courage to face and accept the suppression of your existing Reality, and willingness to pay the price for defining and living for your Self.

The Self has been suppressed and conditioned to feel freedom in bondage, and is not able to live from its completeness. The Self with constrained expression is forced to seek false freedom and happiness through perverted expression. When you are born, you take a life to live, to live fully and freely. But when you enter the world, the world starts conditioning and choking the True Self. If, at any stage, you experience a recall, a remembrance of the Original Urge and wish to define your Self from your own heart and live to evolve and experience it, you will know how little freedom you have. This is seen as against the current, the current of social momentum and the current of structure of other people around you. That is why we have dissidents, rebels and sinners, who can bear the turmoil no more and break through. Unfortunately they are without a true direction. Those who are too proper and continue to build up suppression mentally break down. Most people don't live, and the unfortunate part is they don't allow others to live.  If someone is making an attempt to become free and experience life deeper, others will create resistance. So where is freedom? If you take that freedom forcefully, people dislike you and start leaving you. Here, the loneliness aspect comes in and pulls you back. So it is very complicated. To find freedom requires great clarity and courage.
For the Self to become complete, for the structures to become healthy you must find your heart.  There is no bypass. The heart which is the soul can be found neither through false material pursuits, requiring suppression to conform and be rewarded, nor in suppressive Spiritual practices giving a false sense of holiness. On traditional paths seekers have struggled for lifetimes, suppressing life with misunderstood holiness. The heart which is the center of being must be found in life, by living simply from its urges, while loving and trusting Creation. Courage is essential to live from the heart. You have to find courage to begin, for courage begets courage. Courage is required to enter the search for the heart. So, where do you find it? To find it upfront, Creation has to be trusted. If trust is missing, no healing is possible. Then wait for a break down, which will automatically bring acceptance.

The Truth that you experience through life will sink in deep, as against a Truth that was preached to you, or you read from books. There will be no doubt left. Such a Truth will revive clarity and courage. It takes courage to truly live life, the courage to be honest, the courage to face your reality and your own urges. This deshackles the heart. This is true healing. Don't attempt to build a tall building when the foundation is not there yet. The earlier you come to know this is lacking, the good work can begin. Deal with the heart first, so that the heart finds its courage. That is what it is to become your SELF. Don't stop loving a thing because of a value or a morality because something superior is waiting. There is nothing superior waiting. There is nothing superior to what your heart loves. Creation knows best what you need to experience. When your heart loves, you feel. A felt Reality is real, not conjure of the mind. When you feel, you express from a place that is palpable. It is factual. It is tangible to others. When you express your pain or your joy, people will feel it too. This is how healing begins. And it heals others too. It is a very good place to begin.   - Mystic Birinder

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