Cyber Monday: What You Need to Know

An interdisciplinary guide to the world’s fastest growing shopping holiday.

Cyber Monday: An interdisciplinary guide

Consumers will drop an estimated $2 billion on this digital shopping day. How did we get here? Take a crash course at Cyber Monday U.


The term Cyber Monday was minted in a 2005 press release issued by the National Retail Federation’s Shop.org.



Cyber Monday sales have tripled in less than a decade. Projections for this year vary from $1.8 billion to $2 billion.



Nearly 9 in 10 Americans (86 percent) will shop on the company dime during Cyber Monday, according to a RetailMeNot.com survey. One fourth of the survey respondents say they’ll spend at least four hours shopping online on Cyber Monday - and more than a fifth (21 percent) say they’ve been caught.



While its brick-and-mortar cousin Black Friday makes headlines for mayhem each year, no Cyber Monday-related emergency room visits have yet been reported.  Black Friday Death Count, a website tracking shopping-related incidents, reports seven deaths and 90 injuries since 2006. Black Friday brawls captured on YouTube have become a holiday staple. Last year’s pepper spray incident will be tough to top though.



Finding the best deals is a combination of both. Here’s a list of some of the most popular online merchants to help get you started.



The better deals you can get, the more stuff you can by on the same budget. That’s simple addition by subtraction. We’ve shared some links to discount coupons and promo codes that might help.



Do your homework. Before you buy anything, check reviews, especially on items offered at prices that look too good to be true.

Consumer Reports is considered the most reputable source but requires a subscription.

Many other websites offer free expert reviews. CNET is among the most popular review sites and offers some decent reviews if you’re willing to overlook its iffy ethics.

PCMagTrusted ReviewsEngadget, and TopTenReviews offer professional reviews too.



Cyber Monday is a holiday for scammers and hackers too. ConsumerAffairs.com offers some tips to help you avoid ringing in the new year as an identity theft victim


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