Cyber Monday 2013: Amazon, Target, Dell, Kohl's, Best Buy and Walmart Deals (plus coupon codes)

Cyber Monday deals are out there if you know where to look.

Credit: Pleasant Hill Patch
Credit: Pleasant Hill Patch

If you missed out on Black Friday, there's still a chance to scoop up some pretty good deals. 

Cyber Monday is just around the corner, and it's projected to be a big one.

An estimated $2 billion will be spent this year on Cyber Monday according to a comScore projection cited in the Washington Post.

Are you in?

Most big online retailers have set up web pages dedicated to Cyber Monday offerings.

We've linked to a few:

Cyber Monday 2013: Best Buy Deals

Cyber Monday 2013: Target Deals

Cyber Monday 2013: Amazon Deals

Cyber Monday 2013: Dell Computer Deals

Cyber Monday 2013: Kohl’s Deals

Cyber Monday 2013: Walmart Deals

Looking to sweeten some of these deals?

Here are a few websites offering coupon codes that might help.


Do you have any tips to share for Cyber Monday shopping? Be sure to share them with other Patch readers in our comments section.

Bob Truthteller November 30, 2013 at 12:58 PM
Last year was the first year that we did 100% of our Christmas shopping online. We used the Pilewire and TabletBug websites. We bought mostly consumer electronics, but we got a lot of deals and got free shipping on many of the items. This year, we will use the FlatGadget website to pick up a couple of tablets and one TV. It's the only way to go. Shopping the Cyber Monday deals from home sure beats battling the crowds.


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