Mystery Source Giving Online Clues To Find Cash Hidden in Bay Area

On the giver's Twitter page, the description reads, "An anonymous social experiment for good."

By Bay City News Service:

Notes with cash have been sprinkled throughout parts of San Francisco and the Bay Area over the holiday weekend and into this week as part of an anonymous giving spree. 

Operating anonymously under the Twitter handle @HiddenCash since Friday, someone is dropping real bills throughout San Francisco and other parts of the Bay Area, and offering clues to help people find the loot. 

On the giver's Twitter page, the description reads, "An anonymous social experiment for good." 

Those finding the money, which usually amounts to about $100 per clue, are posting photos and sharing how they are spending the newfound cash. One couple who found several twenties Monday at Baker Beach near the Golden Gate Bridge said they were sharing with fellow beachgoers. 

Another lucky winner said happy hour was on him after making a lucrative discovery Tuesday afternoon. 

HiddenCash gives clues on the Twitter page and often includes photos to tip viewers off. 

The latest clue from around 2:20 p.m. showed a picture of a pier on the bay with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

"New drop: This is the view from behind the blue railing. Also look for something white and folded," the post read. 

Some of the cash "drops" were in Oakland over the weekend and on Wednesday the scavenger hunt will move to San Jose, according to posts. 

On Monday, the mystery source behind the cash handouts said when the account reached 100,000 followers on Twitter there would be a "HUGE giveaway coming." 

As of 7:50  p.m. Tuesday, the Twitter account had more than 104,000 followers, and that number was rising quickly.


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