Powerful Storms Heading Our Way - Is Your Home Ready?

It's a good time to check your gutters and prepare for possible power outages. The season's biggest storm system so far is expected to hit the Bay Area with high winds and up to 8 inches of rain in the North Bay.


A series of powerful rainstorms is expected to hit the Bay Area beginning Wednesday morning, dumping up to 8 inches of rain on parts of the region, a National Weather Service forecaster said Monday.

The storms will start around the time of the morning commute on Wednesday and continue through the weekend, bringing winds of 40 to 50 mph and 1 to 3 inches of rain to most parts of the Bay Area, forecaster Steve Anderson said.

"This is certainly the biggest storm of the season so far," Anderson said. "Typically, we get our big rain events in December and January."

The rainfall will be most intense here in the North Bay, where 2 to 3 inches of rain is expected in low lands and as many at 8 inches in the hills, Anderson said.         

"It's mostly going to be a North Bay event, the heaviest rainfall," Anderson said.

Smaller creeks in the North Bay are likely to fill to bank level, he said.

Streets throughout the Bay Area will be soaked, and fallen leaves from trees are expected to clog storm drains, so some roads and intersections will see some flooding and the usual traffic delays, Anderson said.

Bay Area residents should also get ready for possible downed trees and power outages.

"If you have an alarm clock that's electric, make sure you have a backup," Anderson said.

Fifteen- to 18-foot waves are expected along the coast during the stormy weather, he said.

Need sandbags to prevent flooding? Visit Shamrock Materials at 548 Du Bois St. or call them at (415) 455-1575.

Here’s some tips on how to prepare your home for any storm. 


  • Clear the drains around your home; including roof gutters, drain inlets, downspouts, pipes and drainage ditches
  • Get furnaces and chimneys inspected once a year and cleaned or repaired if needed
  • Rake up and bag leaves often and especially before storms. Leaves can clog the storm drains and cause water to back up which can cause local flooding
  • Keep emergency supplies at work, at home and in your car, including:
    • First aid kit and essential medications
    • Cash (ATM’s might not be working)
    • Drinking water for at least 3 days per person
    • Keep your car fueled
    • Sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber and other emergency building materials handy
    • Portable radio, flashlights and extra batteries
    •  Non perishable food: Ready to eat; canned meats, fruits and vegetables, canned juices, staples (salt, pepper, etc.), high-energy foods, any special food for family members (i.e. baby formula), comfort foods

Wet weather can easily overwhelm dilapidated sewer systems, such as the Ross Valley Sanitary District infrastructure, which has had several recent spills. Do your part by not flushing disposable diapers, personal wipes and other hygienic items down your toilet. 

Bay City News Service contributed to this report. 

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