The Best of Pacific Sun, A New Yogi and an Addendum on Red Hill

All the latest Scoops on business in the greater Ross Valley.

Pacific Sun Reveals the "Best Of" Ross Valley

A little late, but congratulations are in order to the businesses of San Anselmo and Fairfax that earned the Pacific Sun's reader vote as the best of Marin.

won big, taking home best Mediterranean restaurant, best Ross Valley restaurant and best organic/sustainable restaurant. Well deserved honored for one of our area's finest eateries.

got best deli, while in a bittersweet gesture, was honored with best kid-friendly restaurant. No one was shocked to see the pick-up best ice cream, and was chosen as a Hall of Fame best gift shop. In a surprise, the beat out the Smith Rafael for best movie theatre.

More eclectic categories includedr as the best place for a wedding and claiming the best business that promotes going green.

For full results, please visit the Pacific Sun.

A New Leader at the Yoga Garden

Local patrons of the in San Anselmo are welcoming a new teacher into the fold. Laurie Fo will join a group of talented instructors in offering a wide array of yoga classes, workshops and retreats. Learn more about Laurie and Yoga Garden and sign-up for some summer health and inner peace!

An Addendum on Last Week's Red Hill Column

Many readers had strong reactions to the, detailing some of the struggles faced by business owners at Red Hill shopping center. Reader feedback is always encouraged, and a variety of opinions were expressed on this matter.

The Scoop pledges to make every possible effort to interview management personal from the Red Hill Shopping Center and share their views on the current renovations and its fallout. Furthermore, every opportunity will be afforded to any business owner in the Red Hill complex interested in giving their input.

The Scoop is indebted to all who share their tips and leads as they relate to this matter and other news and tidbits in the business world of Ross Valley. Please keep them coming and look for updates on the Red Hill situation as they develop.

Send your tips to zruskin@gmail.com


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