Tesla Service Center to Open in San Rafael

The Palo Alto-based electric vehicle manufacturer will open a service center in San Rafael this fall.

In a county w, EV drivers can soon add a specialized service center this fall, according to Tesla Motors

The Palo Alto-based company that manufactures high-end all electric cars will be opening their first Bay Area service center at 470 DuBois St. in San Rafael this fall. The new center is one of 18 service centers that exist in North America, a number which Tesla hopes to double in the coming three months, according to spokeswoman Shanna Hendriks.

"We have a large following of customers in the Bay Area," she said, although she could not give a number for the amount of Tesla enthusiasts in Marin.

Tesla was founded in 2003, and their first Roadster hit the pavement in 2008. Now, over 2,300 Roadsters drive emissions-free in more than 37 countries and the company is working on their Model S. Their vehicles range from $50,000 to almost $100,000. 

In July 2012, the company delivered 10 new vehicles to owners. To date, they produced 100 cars this year, Hendriks said.

"Customers in Marin are going to see a service center that will be unique," she said. "It will be clean and inviting and unlike any other."

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