Council Will Finalize Medical Marijuana Ordinance Tonight

Do you think the regulations will be good for Fairfax?

Tonight, the Fairfax Town Council will have a second reading of an ordinance that was a long time coming regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in town.

The ordinance, which passed unanimously on the first reading in May, will limit the number of dispensaries to three (two additional dispensaries along with the only one currently in town – the ).

Additionally, the ordinance regulates where the dispensaries can be located. Town staff wanted to limit the possible locations to the downtown commercial area, but state law AB 2650 forbids dispensaries within 600 feet of a school, limiting the number of parcels where a possible facility could be located. The Marin Alliance will be grandfathered in. The area was then expanded out from the downtown central commercial zone to include along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and Bolinas Avenue.

The final ordinance had very few changes from .

The full ordinance, with an extensive list of regulations, can be read here

Because potential dispensaries are expected to be lined up, waiting to fill the two open spots when the temporary moratorium on new facilities is lifted and the ordinance goes into effect on July 1, the town has also developed a list of criteria for choosing from among the applicants. At its May meeting, the council added to its list of criteria a preference for local, community owners and sustainably-grown marijuana.

Potential dispensaries will be invited to submit applications once the ordinance goes into effect, but Town Manager Michael Rock said a number of interested parties have been closely following the proceedings.

Ironically, .

Fairfax has always been at the forefront of medical marijuana licensing, giving one of the first fully-licensed permits in the state.

“Look at how far we’ve come since all the doctors preferred Camels,” joked Sierra Snyder at the April meeting.

Brad Clark June 10, 2011 at 04:12 PM
Thanks for the response Keo. I think it always good to have a counter point. Again, the only thing that is constant is change. Fairfax was far different in the 40's and 50's than it was in the 60's and 70's and as it is today. I think its a good thing to voice one's opinion and work towards change. Apathy is not a good quality. I don't think Fairfax was always a "party" town, and I think its important to ensure the future doesn't turn Fairfax into a pot and nightclub mecca. I like to think of Fairax as a small forward thinking family oriented town, and I will continue to voice my opinion in hopes that it remains so. I disagree with you and Mayor Bragman that Terrapin Landing will be an asset, and there are many others that agree with me. I still hold the opinion that it was irresponsible of Mayor Bragman to make that statement before a use permit was filed and the community had an understanding of the project. I perceive his statement as an endorsment. The town can't manage its books, just lost another finance manager and is in the hole $350k. It's apparent to me the Mayor and town council are trying to pave the way for new pot clubs to open as well as a night club (which will negatively impact the community), to help make up the deficit. I know you don't agree with me, so we can agree to disagree. And no way am I planning on moving. I love the town of Fairfax and want to continue to raise my family here. I just hope it remains a great place to live. Cheers!
Larry Bragman June 10, 2011 at 08:36 PM
Brad: The current budget of the Town of Fairfax is not in the hole $350,000. We are projecting that the combination of declining property and sales tax revenues with rising employee benefits costs will result in a $350,000 shortfall next year unless we take action to address the situation. And Fairfax is addressing the situation in various ways. We are currently in the process of negotiating with all employee bargaining units about compensation and benefits. We have also been examining savings through interdepartmental consolidation and efficiencies. Last but not least, the Town Council is considering placing a local sales tax measure on the November ballot to keep our ship afloat during these extraordinary times. Fairfax has always enjoyed a robust political culture that embraces change while respecting differences of opinion. I'm looking forward to discussing ways to meet the challenges that lay ahead in the upcoming election campaign. In the meantime, I hope we can put our differences aside and enjoy a good Fairfax Festival this weekend. Larry Bragman
keo June 10, 2011 at 11:26 PM
Brad- You miss my point. My point is that, this is what Fairfax is and was before you were here. All the clubs you mention, the two head shops and at least the Marin Alliance have all been in town BEFORE you arrived. I am not saying this to try and cling to some nostalgic past that I don't want to change or because I think Fairfax should be a "party" town.....I say it because it is FACT. Fairfax is not TURNING into anything, this is what Fairfax is and was BEFORE you even lived here. Fairfax isn't some paint color you can just change because you decided you didn't like it after you moved in. It's the same concept of marrying someone who smokes and then trying to get them to stop smoking even though you knew that this was part of them in the first place. And here is but one link to Fairfax history re: it's LONG held tradition of being a place that people , INCLUDING families could go to have a good time. http://sananselmofairfax.patch.com/articles/san-anselmo-fairfax-patch-answers-why-are-there-so-many-more-bars-in-fairfax-than-san-anselmo To me the council coming up with and allowing ideas/businesses to come into town would not be Apathy but just the opposite. Apathy would be not allowing businesses into town that could boost our local economy because YOU don't like the way it might affect YOU ! If someone could PROVE to u that this would be good for the community and all the biz in town, would you be okay with it then ? Somehow I think not.
Brad Clark June 11, 2011 at 04:38 PM
Thanks again for your posts Mayor Bragman. I think its great the Patch can facilitate these types of communication. I appreciate your service to the town and hope you enjoy the Festival this weekend. I am looking excited to using some Fairbux at the Festival. Keo I know your a big music fan, I hope you enjoy the bands the festival as well.
Darren Foti June 12, 2011 at 04:41 PM
Ok I Have some questions and comments. The Marin Alliance may at one time been a positive entity in Fairfax. I had an unpleasant experience with this club and its staff and owner. The owner of this club has publicly has lied about my character, sent someone to intimidate me at my place of business, divulged medical information about me. Instead of dealing with a problem they rather spread lies and misinformation to keep the marin patients in the cash cow status. I was a member of the MArin alliance for nearly 2 years. HAVE ANY OF YOU EVEN STEPPED INTO THIS CLUB? or any of these clubs in Marin? There HAS BEEN like it or not, a monopoly here in FAirfax loosely supported by prior fairfax administrations... So to say...oh gee there is monopoly, is when Marin alliance has been fighting so hard to keep out any other club from coming into Marin... I know other club owners that had problems dealing with the alliance. I have sat for 3 and a half hours at a fairfax town meeting to get my 3 minutes to speak to the council to express my feelings about this club. All the while Lynnette is yelling obscenities and saying how crazy I am. THe town council was complaining on how much time they spent already on this issue (20 hours total) and should wait till that prop 13 to pass so its decided for us. It was lazy then and it is inexcusable now. This is serious, peoples lives have been affected by the malaise of the council and the sheer greed of power and money of the alliance.


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