Business Spotlight: Sunset Soccer Supply

Take a peek inside San Rafael's go-to spot for everything soccer.

Sunset Soccer Supply
1455 Francisco Blvd. East
San Rafael, Ca 94901

What Do They Offer?

Sunset Soccer is a specialty soccer store carrying anything someone might need to start a game, including cleats, socks, first aid equipment, flags and more.

Who Are They?

Sunset Soccer is a family-owned business run by Toby and Libby Rappolt. Toby, a San Francisco native, met Libby, a Mill Valley native, on the soccer field at Tamalpais High School in the early 1980s. Toby grew up playing soccer, which was considered unusual because soccer wasn’t as widely played as it is today. Since there weren’t any girls soccer teams during her high school years, Libby had to play on the boys team. Currently, the Rappolts live in San Francisco and are  at the very forefront of youth soccer activity in the city.

How Long Have They Been There? 

Sunset Soccer opened it’s doors in 1998.

Why Are They In Our Business Spotlight?

While the first Sunset Soccer, located in San Francisco, started as Toby selling soccer balls out of his car, the second location in San Rafael was a real business plan. The Rappolts wanted to open a shop in the epicenter of the soccer playing community of Marin and checking the demographics of Marin’s soccer enthusiaists played a huge role in choosing a location. After a few drives and some statistical research, San Rafael proved to be the hub.

The shop does a brisk business in not only walk-in sales but also team sales, which include jerseys, monogrammed bags, large orders of soccer balls and nets for youth leagues, adult leagues, private coaches or recreation programs.

One thing a patron will find when stepping into the store is great customer service. A requirement to working there is a love of people in general and it doesn’t hurt if you are a crazed soccer fan.

“I worked the floor at my first shop for about 15 years. It was my favorite part of the job. Someone could be from anywhere and sharing the same sport, perfect strangers found a community,” Toby said.

Did You Know?

Sunset Soccer is a big supporter of the proposed soccer complex near McInnis Fields and has been offered the chance to open a retail location in the building. “It’s important to be near the hub of the soccer community, and if this complex is built, combined with the fields at McInnis, this will definitely be the place," Toby said.

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