Business Spotlight: Earthquake Supply Center

This one-stop shop offers supplies and information for any disaster including earthquakes, fires, flooding and more.


Earthquake Supply Center
3095 Kerner Boulevard
San Rafael

What do they offer?
Earthquake Supply Center is a one-stop shop for emergency preparedness, selling kits and bulk supplies for any type of disaster, including earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding and more.

Who are they?
Owned and operated by longtime local residents Michael and Mona Skylar, Earthquake Supply Center is Marin County’s go-to spot for all-in-one emergency kits. The Skylar’s have lived in Marin since 1976 and after experiencing the Loma Prieta quake in 1989, the desire to be prepared and help others be prepared evolved into a business.  

How long have they been there?
Earthquake Supply Center has been open at the Kerner Boulevard location since 1995.

Why are they in our business spotlight?
Michael Skylar can tell you about several stages of denial when it comes to emergencies, including, “It can’t happen here,” or “It can’t happen to me,” and “If it does happen, there’s nothing we could have done.” Lucky for San Rafael and all Marin residents, Michael knows it can and will happen and the best thing anyone can do is be prepared. “Our job is to educate people, make them safe. Being prepared brings a piece of mind to a family or company or school, if you’ve got the supplies, you know you are prepared.”

The variety of supplies is impressive, the shop is filled to the brim with food stuffs such as freeze-dried food, buckets of food for up to 42 meals and Meals Ready to Eat, some of which have a five to ten year life before expiration. There is emergency tinder, butane stoves, can openers, chemical protections suits, even emergency pet-kits! There are gas masks, 30+ year government issued water supplies, megaphones, crank radios with USB chargers, Potassium Iodide to be used in instances of radiation exposure. Geiger counters, whistles with compasses, foil blankets, just about anything necessary to see someone through a disaster.

The best selling items are the all-in-one kits, which are personally assembled by the Earthquake Supply Center staff. Ranging from the Grab ‘N’ Go which includes food bars, water pouches, light sticks, first aid kits, blankets and a hygiene kit, all the way to the Ultimate Kit, which can provide for up to seven people, depending on what size is ordered. There are office support kits, standard kits, which include batteries, flashlights, garbage bags, candles, duct tape, and much, much more. There are specialty kits like the Search & Rescue 4-person kit or the classroom lockdown kit for 30. The storage bags, duffle bags, and backpacks can all be personalized with custom logos, which is something many groups, towns, or associations utilize.

Earthquake Supply Center also offers a preparedness guide, and real human interaction. Do they beat online prices? Perhaps, but not always. Do they offer education about said products, send out expiration date notifications, answer to the best of their knowledge any and all questions? Absolutely. The Skylars are dedicated to helping the community be prepared for disasters and it doesn’t have to be scary subject. Emergencies don’t have to be a disaster and disasters don’t always have to be an emergency is one of the mission statements at Earthquake Supply.

The shop offers seminars upon request, and have worked with mother’s clubs, homeowner associations, school districts, businesses, and other large groups. They’ve donated good and services to numerous auctions and fundraisers and continue to hope the community supports their business as they’ve  strived to support and educate the community since 1995.

Did you know?
It’s better to keep the best and most prepared emergency kit in the car, not in the garage or house! The need for emergency supplies could arise during commute or while out with friends and family. Best idea? Have a kit for both the house and the car.


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