Best of Patch: San Rafael's Italian Restaurants

Where do you go for antipasti, pasta, secondi and dolce? Cast your vote in this new regular Patch feature, "Best of..."

This week we launch a new regular feature on Patch, a “Best of” series. Every week we’ll ask you the readers to cast your vote for your favorite place, business, school, activity, the subject of the week – and it will be local, right here in San Rafael.

This week we start it off with one of our favorite topics: Italian restaurants. No, we’re not talking pizza parlors or delis – though we may circle back to those later – but the kind of restaurants where you can enjoy the kind of authentic Italian cooking both your parents and your children can enjoy, or maybe even where you can have a romantic dinner for two.

Make your choice below in our Poll. If you don’t see your favorite Italian restaurant, maybe it’s in a neighboring city, Novato or , Larkspur or . (If it is, vote for it on that Patch!) If it’s not here, leave a comment and tell us what we’ve missed.

Here's the list to remind you. You can vote below.

You can find each these restaurants in the Patch directory – click on the Places tab on the top of every page, and then Food & Dining, then Restaurants. Once you find your favorite restaurant, you can leave a review, post a picture or even a video.

Voting ends at 9 a.m. on Friday; we’ll announce the winner later that day. This poll is not scientific, and it is not the sole consideration in choosing a winner. The winner will be determined based on poll results, comments on this page and on ratings and reviews on Patch Places. Hint: The ratings and reviews count extra.

So vote here and leave a comment about your choice for Novato’s Best Italian Restaurant.

Christine February 29, 2012 at 02:45 AM
People, you all must go to Gaspare's Pizza. It is the best pizza that I have ever had and I am from NYC. Give it a try you will be hooked...
Pat Black March 01, 2012 at 06:22 AM
The worst pizza I have ever had was from Rocco's in Mill Valley.....cold, ordinary, flacid (when it was supposed to be thin crust and crispy). I went there because I live near there and I bought a Groupon. Total waste of $15.00 (for $30.00 of food). I'll never get pizza(or anything else)there ever again. Live and learn.


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