32Ten Studios Tight-Lipped About Train Tressel Demolition for Film

Any idea what film the special effects are being done for at the former Industrial Light & Magic studio?

Usually, Hollywood is all about hype. But when they want to keep a secret, they can be pretty tight-lipped.

In his bi-weekly report, Fire Chief Chris Gray wrote, “If you have been driving around the Canal area, specifically the area of Winward Way and Bellam, you will have seen a number of large Connex shipping containers stacked up. These are being used as a support for large ‘green screens’ being used as backdrops for the shooting of a film. The sequence involves the demolition of a circa 1890’s train tressel (built to 1/5 scale)." 

32Ten Studios is doing the special effects work. The Fire Prevention bureau has been working closely with the 32Ten team, coordinating the fire permit for the use of explosives at 90 Windward. The team is taking two weeks to assemble the bridge mockup, set up the containers and camera platforms for what will amount to a three-second shoot.”

When we asked 32Ten officials about what was going on, CEO Tim Partridge wrote: “Sorry but we are bound by confidentiality agreements so can't tell you what we are doing. Hope you understand.”

So, do any of you Hollywood film buffs have any idea what film is being shot at 32Ten? Any rumors around town? Tell us in the Comments section below.


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