Lost Cat Returns to Family – 2 Years Later

Hafner family’s 11-year-old tabby Turner was found about five miles from their home near Peacock Gap in San Rafael.

One can only guess what Turner the cat has been up to for the past two years.

Two years after he went missing, Turner, an 11-year-old tabby cat, was reunited with his San Rafael family this week, taken to the Marin Humane Society by a cat rescue group and reconnected with his owners via the microchip implant under his skin.

Turner's owner David Hafner, whose family lives near Peacock Gap, said he was stunned by the cat's reappearance.

“We just could not believe it,” he said. We’re still pretty blown away by all this.”

Hafner said his three daughters were “crying for days” when they first lost Turner, and now are “crying tears of joy” since his return.

“We live not far from China Camp, so our first thought that he was eaten by a coyote,” he said. The family spotted Turner eight months ago near the Peacock Gap Golf Club, but he was “extremely skittish” and they couldn’t get close to him, Hafner said.

Marin Humane Society spokesperson Carrie Harrington said Turner was picked up by a rescue organization on Francisco Blvd near the Lexus dealership, about 5 miles away from the family's home. They located the Hafner’s information from the microchip implant on the cat.

Harrington said Turner’s return is a great example of why owners of lost pets shouldn’t give up hope. The Humane Society has tips for lost pets on its website.

“We can’t believe he’s back home,” Hafner said.

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