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Buzzfeed Calls Marin the ‘Most Beautiful County’

Mt. Tam, Muir Woods, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Civic Center and views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the picturesque Marin Headlines are among the reasons the international media site has declared our county the most beautiful of them all.

Marin Headlands CREDIT:  Flickr: l1mey / Creative Commons via Buzzfeed
Marin Headlands CREDIT: Flickr: l1mey / Creative Commons via Buzzfeed

Most of us who live in Marin already know how beautiful it is, but it never hurts to get a reminder, especially when it comes from an prominent media website.

Buzzfeed, a media company known for producing humorous or insightful lists and slideshows that are widely shared on social media, recently posted a list of the “21 Reasons Marin County Is The Most Beautiful County.”

The teaser to the post might say it all. “Try and name another county as beautiful. Go ahead and try.”

Buzzfeed featured 21 stunning photos of Marin and highlighted some of the county’s most photogenic elements, including the Marin Headlands, Sausalito’s colorful houseboats, the Frank Lloyd Wright-design Marin Civic Center in San Rafael, Muir Woods, Cataract Falls and many elements of West Marin, including the iconic Point Reyes shipwrecked boat on Tomales Bay in Inverness.

Since Sept. 4, the post has gotten more than 3,000 Facebook shares and more than 17,000 Facebook “likes.”


What do you think of Marin getting the attention from Buzzfeed? Do you think they properly picked the best reasons for why Marin is the most beautiful county?



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