Demolish historic (heritage) buildings and burn the history books

I attended San Rafael design review board meeting last evening regarding a new proposed complex on the corner of B and Second Streets. Three buildings still exist: an old single story building sits on the corner and two, two story victorian (historically designated) residences sit on the west end of the property. One is currently occupied and the other sits vacant due a fire years ago. There have been many presentations over the years and each time the developer fails for a variety of reasons to get it right and each time they are also criticized for planning to demolish the victorians to make way for the new and shiny. Last night wasn’t much better, they still have work to do on a number of design issues. If it was up to me they would never get to present the new building until they have a community agreement regarding the out come of the victorians. It’s my opinion that the buildings should be restored in place, or worse, moved and restored by the developer. If historic buildings have no love or place in our community, we can expect people like Monahan and Parker Properties (owner and developer) with no community heart to burn all Marin history books next.

Patti July 15, 2014 at 11:15 AM
i love the old Victorians, if nothing is done, first one will go, then the next. Hope that the owners knew there was a chance this could happen as there are economic consequences for all this.


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